running wrap-up: may

After my great running month in April, I was really excited for a repeat in May, but I found myself struggling, yet again, to find the amount of time to train that I needed. Porter’s hospitalization and subsequent sicknesses have kept me down a little bit, but I persisted, and I actually did better than I thought I was going to halfway through the month.

We tackled our first long training run last weekend – 2 hours – and I was pretty impressed with how well I did, overall. Emily and I got up at 4:30 to knock it out before the kids woke up (which didn’t work because Lindsey and Porter were both up at 5 am), but we did well, and it was great to finish the run early and be done for the day.


Here are some of my May stats for my records:

Longest run: 11.11 miles

Shortest run: 2 miles

Fastest pace: 9:00

Slowest pace: 11:04

Miles this month: 38.03

Miles this year: 214.55

While it wasn’t my best month, it was definitely better than the first few months of the year. Plus side? I also feel like I’m able to actually hold a pace for much longer now – regardless of how slow that pace may be. My next race is next weekend in Lake Placid on the 11th, and I’m interested to see how my time compares to the last time I did that race back in 2015. I did get fitted for new running shoes last weekend in Syracuse at Fleet Feet, and I was excited to test them out, and love them, this past week. I was a loyal Mizuno runner until they discontinued my Sayonara 2s. I’m now in an Adidas Supernova, and I love it.

June should be a huge month for me in terms of mileage and training, as my focus turns to 18.12 and Chicago in October. Both races are going to be a huge challenge and test of my mental strength, stamina and endurance, so here’s to continuing great training! Fellow runners – how did you do?