I mentioned the other day that I was going to be more intentional about using my DSLR for the little moments, rather than simply relying on my iPhone camera, and I actually really loved doing so last night. As the storms rolled through NNY, it was crazy humid, and my little men were much happier naked than clothed, so we went across the street to play with our neighbor’s daughter, Lindsey, and the boys had the time of their lives.





I think part of the reason I didn’t really bust out the good camera all that often is because it’s so rare that we have perfectly posed pictures. We’re not really all about being well-dressed and made up for pictures. Our days are raw, and real, and messy, and chaotic. But that’s us, and I need to stop trying to make us into something we really aren’t.


These little moments are so fleeting, and I know there will come a time far too soon that my boys won’t want to play around like these messy little hooligans that they are. I want to make sure I capture all these moments – good and bad – for posterity. Plus, 9 months without Ryan makes it well worth documenting, because that’s a large piece of their little lives that he’s forced to miss.





So, this is us. These are our weekends. They’re not really all that elaborate, but they’re ours, and they’re so fun! And hard. I should mention that they’re hard because I truly don’t know how single moms do it. I miss my partner, my tap-out, and my best friend. I can’t wait until he can come home and share in this magical chaos I call motherhood.