currently: the summer edition

^^^ Schwinn LL Bean Tricycle


I think one of the best (and worst) things about summer is just how fleeting it is, especially up here in northern NY. For all intents and purposes, this will be our last summer here at Fort Drum, and I’m a mixed bag of emotions about it. On the one hand, Ryan and I are excited to, hopefully, put roots down at our next duty station. We have our sights and hearts set on one, but the verdict is, as of yet, up in the air. If we get it though, we’ll be in close proximity to a big city, which I find that my wandering heart needs, as well as a lot more culture than we have up here.


I swore up and down that I wouldn’t be that Army wife…the one who hates their station…but I’ve struggled with a love/hate relationship with NNY from the start. It’s beautiful, but there’s not a lot for kids, and this is the season of life that we’re in. I want more for them. I want sports, rec centers, restaurants, museums…STUFF. I have high hopes. Please keep your fingers crossed for us! But for now, we’re loving summer, and we’re savoring these lazy summer days as much as possible. Currently, the Moore family is…


Loving: Trips to the Blizzard Barn. My boys certainly love their ice cream treats, and there’s nothing better than watching them savor (literally) their childhood, then stripping them down and letting them run wild.


Watching: For me, I’m re-watching The Vampire Diaries. I know, I’m a sucker. Ha! See what I did there?! The boys don’t watch much TV except while getting ready for bed, and when they’re doing that, it’s Mickey Mouse. The Moores pretty much live by Mickey Mouse these days.


Reading: Love Real Food by Kathryne Taylor of Cookie and Kate. There’s something about these fresh, real recipes that just scream summer and have me excited to cook again.


Hoping: For our orders to come down soon and for them to align with our hopes and wishes.


Savoring: The summer sun and time outside! Winters up here are fun, but they’re also hard, and they last a long time. Summer days start to dwindle early here, so if we can, we’re outside playing in the driveway, or the backyard, or at the park. Summer, please don’t leave us yet.



Drinking: For the boys, it’s chocolate shakes with rainbow sprinkles…how do you like that?! For me, it’s Archer Farms Donut Shop Blend iced coffee. So good with a splash of cinnamon. It’s like summer in a cup.


Attempting: To get better at photography and use my DSLR every single day. To be honest, my lens is beyond destroyed by little baby fingers, and I’m contemplating investing in a new one just to take this a step further. But…I have to fully commit.


Feeling: Excited for the last few months of this deployment. Nervous for the Chicago Marathon getting closer and closer. Happy about this time with the boys. Proud of what I’ve accomplished with my weight loss goals thus far. Inspired by house projects and preparing to list our house for rent.


Planning: I just barely started planning Spencer’s third birthday party. Can you believe that? Yes, I’m starting early, but oh my goodness…time flies when you’re having fun! I’m also planning some trips for the family in the next 6 months or so. In the works – a potential cruise and a trip to South Africa! The last time I went, I wasn’t married, I didn’t have children, and I still blogged over at my old book blog, i swim for oceans…crazy, right?