the week of the fourth

We got back last evening after a whirlwind trip to NH and Maine to visit family. Last Sunday, I realized at the 11th hour that I actually had both Monday and Tuesday off, so we packed up the car, the boys and the dog, and I hit the road – all 8 hours of it – to NH to visit Oma and Opa. My cousins, whom I haven’t seen since my uncle passed in 2005, followed me there, and though it was just me and the boys in the car, it was nice to have people to talk to at the rest stops.

On Monday and Tuesday, went went to Kokosing in Maine. It’s a tiny old girls’ campground that was later turned into sort of off-the-grid cabins that have only the basics – running water, rustic beds, etc. There are no dishwashers or TVs…it’s really like unplugging, and we used to go there every year when we were children. Taking my boys this first time was like coming full circle. They loved it! Spencer would’ve played in the lake until his limbs froze off, and even Porter enjoyed a dip in the chilly water. We ate lobster with family on Tuesday and enjoyed time just being alive and with good people.

The real reason for my trip was that I needed to go into the office for work on Thursday, but while we were in NH, the boys and I ate it up. We had river days in Albany, where my parents live, and we picked strawberries – joined by a mama and baby black bear. We even had ice cream in town, which later gave us food poisoning…totally worth it? The jury is still out on that one…

Leaving is always hard. We packed up again yesterday morning, and we drove back to NNY, hoping that Oma and Opa will come visit us soon! It was a long drive for all of us, but we’re settling back into a new week here, and I have some big goals this week. 

I hope you all had the very best of 4ths with your loved ones and friends!

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