these are my confessions

How is it already Wednesday? I mean, seriously? I feel like my to-do list grows daily, but the days keep getting shorter and shorter. I find myself wishing time would slow down, even just a little bit, so I can accomplish a little bit more of what I want to do each day. I also wish time would speed up so Ryan can come home. The dilemma, my friends…it’s real. 

I found myself sitting in my car the other day thinking of all these random things I’ve learned about myself in the last 6 months of my husband being gone. Here’s the thing…if there is one thing that deployment is good for, it’s learning a lot about yourself. Like, a lot. Some of these things are so petty. Some of them are super introspective, and since I love “about me” posts, I’m going to force some of my confessions on you today, as I link up with Jessi’s Design for What’s Happening Wednesday.

1 // I hate wasted time. When I make an appointment for a scheduled time, I expect the appointment to be at that time. I find myself getting more and more angry and rageful the longer I wait for something…like a doctor’s appointment? Keep me waiting 30-40 minutes, and I’ll be a hot mess by the time the doctor comes in. Yes, I realize that emergencies take precedence, but oh. my. gosh. HURRY UP.

2 // I love fall and all things fall…but I hate Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Does that mean I’m not basic?

3 // I’ve discovered I really don’t like LuLaRoe. Now, there’s a caveat to that. I love their black leggings. They’re like butter. However, I searched and searched for a single pair of black leggings, and they arrived with a hole in them. Needless to say, I was unimpressed. I’ve got a bunch of LLR gifts in my closet, but 99% of them are just not me. I’m not a fan of patterns and 99% of my wardrobe is black, gray, or white.

4 // The less sleep I get, the better my selfies are. This is the truth.

5 // I am physically incapable of going to Target without spending money. I can go for toilet paper and leave with 14 items for my children. Does that mean I am basic?

6 // The only good part about having the bed to myself during this deployment is that when my side of the bed gets too warm, I can roll over to Ryan’s side and enjoy a cooler spot for a few hours. (Sorry, honey! This bed is all mine.)

7 // I don’t like gangster rap. Again, there’s a caveat to that. I don’t love gangster rap unless I’m running…then, bring on allllll the gangster rap. I think it’s an anger thing that fuels me?

8 // Before I had children, one of my favorite shows on TV was Law & Order SVU. Having two little boys now though, I find it really difficult to watch. I can’t see shows where children are injured or killed. It, quite literally, elicits a very visceral response, and I just can’t do it. I mean, can you imagine anything ever happening to a face like this? Nope.

9 // This is awful, but most of the time, my first reaction to one of my children falling is just laughter. Of course, there’s a big difference between an actual fall and a little tumble, and I swear I have an appropriate response to both, but yeah. So, there’s that.

10 // I have unpopular political views, and I’ve discovered I’m actually pretty passionate about politics this past year. It’s been a struggle to deal with a lot of family and coworkers when half of what they say is so clearly just preached ad nauseum. I’ve learned that it’s important to have our own personal convictions – whether popular or not – and while I don’t preach them to anyone, it’s important to me to stand fast to them.