in which we wandered

My friend Loralee came to town this past weekend to help me organize Ryan’s unit’s Dining Out and homecoming. She works in the hotel industry, and after the craziness that was planning the event last year, I called upon her expertise early on. We made a plan to visit about 5 venues this weekend, which we knew would be tricky with the boys, but we were optimistic. And so, Saturday was spent venturing from Alexandria Bay, to Clayton, to Watertown, and Sunday was spent visiting Tug Hill Vineyards.

We did lunch in Clayton at the ChannelSide Restaurant, and it was amazing. We shared poutine, and I had their Yum, Yum, Yum salad. The boys enjoyed food from their large kids’ menu, which was actually reasonably priced, and we enjoyed a sunny afternoon by the water. It was supposed to rain all weekend, so the sunshine was enjoyed by all.

On Sunday, we ventured back to Tug Hill Vineyards – you may remember that we went blueberry-picking the other day and missed their brunch – and we decided to sample brunch before meeting with the event planner. Guys, this brunch was perfection. It’s a bit on the pricier side at $21 a person, but they do offer a military discount, and the boys ate free. We each had a Bloody Mary, and it was pretty much the best thing I’ve indulged in in a long time.

After exploring the venue, which we are totally sold on, Loralee had to head back to Nashville, so the boys and I went to the splash pad on post after nap time. Both boys were mostly terrified of the splash pad, but they loved the playground on the side, so it was worth it!

Weekends like this are so fun for me because the boys get out to play and explore, I get to see the sights around us (and yes, there really are things to see up here, as much as people may say otherwise), and we get to enjoy this summer that is flying by. Little by little, our time here is winding down, so I want to enjoy it while it lasts! I hope you all had wonderful weekends, as well!

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