mini memos [2]

Since I posted this last week, a few people mentioned it might be a fun linkup, so I decided to offer up the chance for people to post their own and link them here, as well. Throughout any given day, I think of these little letters to myself and things around me, and I finally started putting them down on paper. And thus – “mini memos” was born. This is a little ode to life lately over here, and it’s fun to look back and see those fleeting moments that flash through my mind.

Dear Spencer – Terrible twos aren’t a joke, are they? I love that you want to be independent, but goodness gracious, son. Please just let me help you put your diaper on. And don’t throw your lollipop at the hairdresser.

Dear running – My legs hurt. Like a lot. And I have 18.12 this weekend, so I’m scared. Please give me a break, or miraculously make Sunday not hurt so bad.

Dear South Africa – We’re hopefully booking tickets today to see you in December! I can’t wait to be back just in time for your summer!

Dear Porter – Bubby, mama is nervous for your appointment on Tuesday. I’m really hoping we get you some answers because I just want you to be comfortable.

Dear neighbors – You’re going to be the reason we really miss New York. Watching Spencer play with his little friends makes my mama heart smile, and I think it will also make my cry when we move.

Dear Army – Please give us our orders. I know you don’t owe them just yet, but I must know!

Dear GIFs on iPhone – You make conversing with my friends so much more fun. Thank you for keeping me laughing throughout the day.

Dear margaritas – You’re still my favorite. Thanks for making this deployment easier 😉


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