mini memos

Do you ever find yourself crafting little notes to yourself during the day? I certainly do. I think them in little letter forms, and I was inspired to do something revolutionary today – and just get them down on paper or, in this case, le blog. Life is constantly flying by and changing in a second, and these are just little thoughts that I think – far too fleeting and otherwise gone too soon.



Dear Ryan: This one’s for you. Yesterday was your birthday, and I’m really sorry we didn’t spend it together. At least they didn’t duct tape you like they did in Korea 🙂


Dear hand-lettering: You’re slowly wheedling your way into my OCD heart, and I love it.


Dear fall: I’m watching you slowly creep your way in, and while I love watching the leaves turn, I’m just not ready for summer to go yet.


Dear deployment: Can we break up yet? You’ve taught me a lot, but I’m over you.


Dear Army: I know we still have time until you owe us orders, but I’m getting impatient. If we could just find out if Ryan’s been chosen for assessment (soon), that’d be great!


Dear New York: You’ve charmed me this summer, I’ll admit it. I think I may miss you just a little bit when we move.


Dear Run4PRs: Thank you for leading me on this running journey to the finish line in Chicago. I really needed you!


Dear doggie playdates: Thank you for keeping my pup and, by proxy – me, sane. So grateful for Jenn, Bolt, and the chance for our furry friends to meet.


Dear daycare: If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You’ve made it possible for me to do my job again.


Dear DSLR: Why do we have such a love/hate relationship? You take such pretty pictures, but you’re so hard to bust out with the boys in all their glory.




And there you have it…What do you think? Should I make this a little link-up?