outdoor adventure days

Seriously, this was probably one of our busiest weekends on record since the start of this deployment. I knew I’d be putting the boys through their paces from the start, but I was still somewhat hopeful that we’d have a good weekend – and we did – it just wasn’t relaxing at all. On Saturday, we spent the entire day at Outdoor Adventure Days on Fort Drum for an FRG fundraiser. We had the opportunity to host a food booth to raise funds, and we did great, raising over $500!

Spencer and Porter had a blast, too, and they got to play with everything from bait fish, to snakes, to turtles and beyond. Plus, they had a rock-climbing wall, “mining” where the kids could dig up fake diamonds and gems, archery and so much more. It’s a neat event, and I’m glad we were able to experience it, even if the boys are a little young to appreciate it.

Sunday was spent at the beach. We’ve been to Southwick once already this summer, but I know that summer is wrapping up far too quickly, and I decided we should have another day playing in the water and really just soaking up the last sun of the season. Last time we went, Porter wasn’t walking yet, so this was a totally different ballgame.

He had a blast carrying his own bucket to the water (which was just about as big as he is), and Spencer loved playing with the big kids. I had to drag his silly bum out of the water so he wouldn’t get too cold, and once I did, he spent the rest of the afternoon having a blast on the playground. I thought they’d nap once we got in the car to head home, but both boys were on strike, so they had another early bed time.

Every time I turn around, another day is gone, and we’re just that little bit closer to Ryan coming home. We’re busy with all the homecoming prep already, as well as searching for a dining out venue, so I’m loving the fact that I really don’t have time to dwell on the countdown anymore. The distractions are a dime a dozen, and I’ll take it!

We have a fun week ahead, and Oma will be coming to town on Friday just in time for 18.12 next weekend, so it’s sure to be a busy next few days. I hope you all had wonderful weekends!

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