what’s up, august?

I have to lead in with this picture of my little Spence because he just takes my breath away…he’s getting so big! I digress…

Is it just me, or is it insane that we’re already into August? I have so much that I still want to get done this summer, and I’m getting a little antsy to keep the momentum going! First things first though, we’re starting to secure our vacations and trips for this winter, and that means planning, planning, planning! We’re planning our first family trip to South Africa together this winter, and I’m so excited to share the Motherland with all my boys.


My mother’s entire family still resides in RSA, so we’ll be going there for a couple weeks to bounce between houses, show them the sights and maybe get in some alone time (what’s that?!) But in the midst of all the planning, I have a bunch of things on my to-do for these final summer months, and I’m sharing them with the world for accountability!


1 // Install our backsplash. I like our kitchen well enough, but it’s dark on dark on dark. We have dark cabinets, dark granite, and dark floors. My hope is that installing a clean backsplash will really brighten the space overall. If we have the time, we hope to pain our cabinets, as well, but who knows? We won’t be here too much longer, so we’ll see. Current status:


2 // Figure out Porter’s passport. We all have passports, but we dropped the ball on getting Porter his before Ryan deployed. Fun fact about passports for littles – both parents have to be present, or you have to petition the passport agency for special circumstances. That means that Ryan needs to write a letter of consent, as well as fill out a special form and get it notarized, as well as provide a copy of his orders. Fingers crossed?


3 // Encase the wrought iron railing out front. This thing has been a thorn in our side since we moved in. The railing isn’t actually nailed into the cement, and the pillars are so. dated. I’ve done some research about how to replace/encase them…now I just need to find the time!


4 // We finally got our referral for a gastroenterology specialist for Porter in Syracuse. You may remember that he was hospitalized in May for extreme diarrhea and dehydration. They believed the cause was allergies to milk proteins, lactose, soy, eggs and shellfish. He’s had two tests since then though, and all his allergy panels are clear, and yet his digestive issues (which are too TMI to discuss on here) continue. We’ll be meeting with the specialist on Monday to discuss further diagnostics and testing because little man continues to barely gain weight and suffer from severe constipation. Please keep your fingers crossed for us! I’m excited and hopeful that we can finally get him some help.

5 // Figure out how to scratch this creative itch I’ve had lately. I had a little shop, which I closed for a number of life reasons, but I really want to gameplay a proper little business to satiate that creative outlet I crave. Let’s be honest, my job doesn’t really do that for me these days, and I strive to really accomplish something, if that makes sense.

We’re heading into another awesome weekend though, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for my boys and I! Assuming the weather cooperates, Emily and I will have a long run Saturday and a day of local exploring Saturday afternoon. Sunday is up in the air, but we may try brunch…we’ll see! Have a great weekend, friends!