currently: the end-of-summer edition

^^^ the view from my kayak this past weekend in Forestport, NY

I have mixed things about fall here this year. Don’t get me wrong…fall will always be my favorite season, but it’s just that it never really felt like much of a summer here. Plus, I have this feeling that winter this year is going to be brutal, so I’m not quite itching for the leaves to fall just yet. That said, we’ve definitely started feeling that definitive chill in the air, and with it getting darker earlier than ever, I know summer is coming to a close.

But, that also means we’re almost ready for Ryan to come home, and that makes it all worth it! For now though, the Moore family is currently….

Loving: Cooler evenings means more fun playing outside, blowing bubbles and racing around the backyard together.

Watching: I’m still finishing The Vampire Diaries. I’m on season 7, and I must finish it soon! I’m also watching The Last Ship, which is finally back on. For the boys, they now love Mickey Mouse and Puppy Dog Pals.

Reading: I’m actually reading The Total Money Makeover (again), and gearing up for some serious getting-down-to-business budgeting when Ryan comes home.

Hoping: That our soldiers come home sooner than anticipated, but not too soon…I have to finish my marathon first!

Savoring: We have our mulling spices hot cider simmering in the crockpot, and I can’t wait to take that first sip of fall. 

Attempting: To get better at writing down my to-do lists first thing in the morning. Right now, I wait too long, and then I’m all flustered by the time I do it.

Feeling: Excited for the Chicago Marathon – just barely over a month away! All my hard work has led to this, and I can’t wait to officially be a marathoner.

Planning: Honestly, all my planning is going into the FRG right now. I can’t wait until I’m no longer the FRG leader, but for now, we’re planning the Dining Out, plus the homecoming, plus gift baskets and more. Yikes.


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