i’m feeling fall

Is the title of this blog accurate? Yes and no. I’m starting to finally feel a bit more in the fall kind of mood, but this weather certainly isn’t! It’s almost 80 again here today, so the fall vibe is not strong here in the North Country. Regardless, the deeper we descend into the season, the more I crave the fall feeling, and I’ve been seriously getting my craft on lately.

I’ve always been the type of person that absolutely needs a creative outlet. That’s why I started Black River Boutique. However, I closed my little mama & baby shop for quite a few reasons – not the least of which is how heavily the baby goods market is regulated. I loved the products and the goods, but it’s something I’d rather simply gift to friends than try to sell. It’s very daunting otherwise.

I mentioned last week that I desperately wanted to make a wreath, but that my craft gene was eluding me. Well, I finally succeeded, and I made a little wreath for our back door. And then the craziest thing happened…I realized I wasn’t absolutely awful at making wreaths…(I know…insert shocked emoji here).

And, what’s more, I found that it was seriously relieving my stress taking the time to clip faux florals, arrange them around grapevines and make something new from nothing each time. Honestly, I’ve had a lot of fun doing it. Some are better than others, but I find myself challenging myself more and more. And now, scary enough, I’m pondering selling my creations, or attempting to do so. But I’m not sure whether I dare.

I have about six floating around my house with no home though right now, so maybe I should…

Do you love to do crafts, as well, to relieve stress? What sort of crafts do you do?