fall colors & croup

What would this deployment be without one last visit from Murphy’s Law, right? Honestly, at this point, it’s par for the course because we are so close to being done! Literally, we’re in the home stretch at this point, and we’re just hanging on and waiting for that call that Ryan is on his way. So, we’re counting down the weekends (and weekdays) till that happens!

This past weekend, we didn’t really have any plans except for an FRG gathering to assemble some homecoming baskets on Sunday. I wasn’t looking forward to it because of all the crazy that’s been happening lately, but it ended up being a good time despite everything that’s happened. There really are some wonderful people, and I need to continue to focus on the good, rather than the bad.

Saturday, I woke up feeling pretty rough. I don’t think I bounced back after getting back from Chicago, and the boys definitely didn’t either. Despite that though, I decided to meet up with some friends at Selkirk Shores State Park in Pulaski for their Fall Festival. Porter had a cough that morning, but it didn’t sound too bad, and he didn’t have a fever, so we headed out. After about an hour there though, I felt really weak, so we left early and headed home for family nap time.

Boys Jackets – Cat & Jack from Target (similar here) // Shoes – Crocs (Spencer’s similar here, Porter’s here)

Porter woke up from his nap with a very dry cough, which got worse overnight, so we went to Urgent Care first thing Sunday morning. I had a sneaking suspicion he had croup, and I was right. He also managed to get strep throat. So, we spent the rest of Sunday (until the FRG event) just resting and letting his medication sink in. The meds only work for strep since croup is viral, but his fever was gone by the evening. I’ve heard croup is worse at night though, and they weren’t kidding.

So, last night, Porter snuggled with me in my bed. The little wiggle worm was so uncomfortable, so we alternated between a steamy bathroom for his little lungs, and my warm cozy bed. And, finally around 3 AM, he seemed completely content and was breathing great, so I transferred him to his crib. Today, he seems 99.9% better, and I’m hoping that’s the last of sickness in the Moore household for a while! We can manage to stay healthy for a couple more weeks at least, right?!

I hope you all had wonderful weekends!

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