it’s homecoming month!


It’s officially October, which means it’s HOMECOMING MONTH! October will be, henceforth, known as my absolute favorite month because, assuming all goes well, Ryan will  be home before the month is out. It’s been a long 8 months, and I’m ready to have my best friend home. But first, we have some craziness coming up in the next few weeks.


This past weekend was a bit blah, to be honest. My friend Mareike and I made plans to go to the mall on Saturday, and it worked out well. We’d planned to do the pumpkin patch on Sunday, but Mareike ended up having a bad fall Saturday evening and really hurting her ankle. It was worse on Sunday, so I went with her (and our 4 combined children) to urgent care. Luckily, it’s not broken, but she has a nasty sprain and a pretty brace for the next 4 weeks. Murphy’s Law can leave our company alone now!


One fun highlight for my ginger little guy this weekend was on Sunday morning though. We went to the store to get some supplies for Mareike, and there were a couple cops there finishing up a call. Spencer got so excited seeing the cars, and the cops were just about to pull away, so we stopped by the road and watched them get ready to go. He was hopping up and down with excitement, and the cop happened to see him. He stopped the car, motioned us over, and asked Spencer to sit down! Spencer got to play with the siren, the lights, and he even honked the horn. It was so sweet of the officer to take the time out of his duty day and make my little boy’s day. I hope he knows how very grateful we are!




Despite the boring weekend though, the kids and I had a good time with good friends, and the little guys and I soaked up some extra mommy and me bonding. My mom is coming down on Wednesday, and we’re heading off to Chicago on Thursday morning in preparation for the marathon on Sunday. Can you believe we’re already there?! I’m getting nervous, excited, antsy, and I may just lose my mind when I finish the race because darnit, I will finish that race!


I hope you all had great weekends, too, and I can’t wait to share our travels in the coming week!