scenes from the weekend

The final days of this deployment are ticking away, but Murphy decided to ramp up his game again just to finish it out in style. Porter is finally starting to feel better, and Spencer seems to have escaped the worst of it, but I have the flu. I could feel myself getting more and more run down as last week progressed, but what mama really has time to back off the gas? Regardless, I’m doing okay – I’m resting as much as possible and trying to de-stress.

Even with the yucky flu and sickness floating around, we had a lovely weekend. It was in the 70s again here (Indian Summer, anyone?), so we got out on Friday evening and went to the Fort Drum Monster Mash at the Magrath Gym. It catered heavily towards the older kids, but the boys got to wear their costumes, nonetheless, and they just loved seeing all the other kiddos in costume. And, even better, their costumes were so much cuter than I anticipated! I can’t wait to see them wear them again in a week…

Skunk costumes (available here)

On Saturday, Mareike and I took the kiddos to Clayton, NY again to see what Punkin’ Chunkin’ was all about. Since the weather was beautiful, we really wanted to take advantage of the sunshine and have fun with all the season’s festivities. Punkin’ Chunkin’ is an annual event in which kids and adults compete with trebuchets (catapults), launching pumpkins into the St. Lawrence River. If you think it sounds hilarious and awesome, you’re right. It totally was. It was insanely crowded though, and we both decided it was great, but it would have been so much better with our husbands there for some extra hands. Regardless, it was a blast.

On Sunday, my beautiful friend Loralee came to town to start setting up her husband’s apartment for when he returns from deployment with Ryan, so we spent the day attempting to ward of sickness, soaking up the sun and going to the playground with the littles. It was a lot of the fun, and the fresh air was good for all of us.

We did dinner, we took out our deployment rage on pinatas, which we named “Murphy,” and we let the kiddos play until we decided it was finally time to call it a day. And just like that, one of our final deployment weekends is done, and I’m thrilled to pieces. We’re just counting the days now, trying to stay healthy, and warding off disasters. If you think of it – please keep us in your prayers that we make it through these last couple weeks!

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