he’s home

And just like that, my whole world is back together again.

Yesterday was both the longest and most excruciating day of my life because we got the phone call 24 hours prior that our soldiers were en route. Trying to work and go about my day as normal was absolutely absurd. I thought I was losing my mind! But, it happened, and our soldiers are home. 

You guys, this deployment was the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced, hands down. Being apart from your partner, your love, and your best friend is so difficult. That said, it has strengthened us beyond measure, as well, and I’m grateful that we went through this trial together. Having him home now makes me appreciate all the little things that we so often take for granted, and I’m thrilled – as are our little boys. Spencer keeps saying, “my Daddy’s here!” like he doesn’t quite believe it. 

Yes, he is, little man. And now we’re going to soak up all the happy today!

All photos are copyright and courtesy of Kindred Hearts Photography.