ice skating in black river

We had our first snow this past weekend in the North Country. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to let us know that the season is truly upon us. I love the first snow. There’s something so magical about it; how it blankets the ground and everything becomes so quiet. There’s a smell to it, too. It’s fresh, clean, and pure – before it gets all gross from cars whipping by. Yes, I’m waxing nostalgic about snow, and I won’t apologize for that even one bit!

Jacket & Boots – LL Bean (here and here) // Jammie Pants – Old Navy (similar here)

It was a busy weekend for us. We went in with one real goal – to go see the Christmas lights at Lights on the Lake in Syracuse. Guess what we didn’t do? That’s right…see the lights. We did, however, take the boys to Billy Beez, an indoor playground in Syracuse. It was a little pricey – we paid $36 for the four of us but, to be fair, it’s an all-day pass. You can technically come and go as you please, so long as you wear the wristband provided. We stayed about two hours because the boys were totally pooped after playing, climbing, and exploring nonstop. It was worth every penny!

We did dinner at Destiny at Gordon Biersch, and it was good as we remembered. The boys are getting better and better at manners and etiquette at restaurants, and though we might be cheating a bit pulling out the handy electronics when they start fidgeting halfway through a meal, they really do great. They always say please and thank you, they seldom have fits, and both are pretty good at entertaining themselves appropriately. And they eat, so that’s a plus! Anyway, we’d planned to go to Lights on the Lake after dinner, but it was pouring and already 6:30, so we decided to head home.

Sunday, we woke up to snow, and my sweet Spencer was wide-eyed and awestruck when he saw it out the window. Melt my heart, little man. We decided to go ice skating that afternoon, but the only place to locally go ice skating is the Watertown Municipal Arena, and their open skate hours are smack during naptime at 1:15 to 3:30 PM. We decided to chance it, and we went.

Spencer had a blast. He pretty much hung on the bar the whole time while I pushed him around the rink, and Ryan and Porter didn’t skate, but it was so much fun for us to have something to do together. Fun fact…both my parents were professional figure skaters, so ice skating runs in my blood. That said, I’m decent skating on the ice, but I’m by no means great.

ice skating in black river

Needless to say, it was a busy weekend over here, and with Thanksgiving this week (what?!) it’s definitely just going to keep getting busier and busier! I snagged a huge freelance job last week that’s kicking off today, too, so I’m going to be very busy the next few weeks, and I’m excited to really work on a project that’s going to challenge me going forward. I have so much to be thankful for this year – not the least of which is wonderful weekends like this with my family.

I hope you all had great weekends, too, and that the week ahead gets started off great!

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