our fort drum army homecoming

I know I’ve said it before, but we literally have the best photographer here at Fort Drum. A little less than a month ago, Ryan’s unit got home from a tour in the Middle East, and Julie from Kindred Hearts Photography came to take pictures and document our special day as daddy returned. I teased the photos she gave in the beginning, but I finally got all of them, and I felt that flood of emotions all over again when I opened the file and saw those moments again. 

It was like reliving them again. The anticipation of their return. The amazing adrenaline rush when our soldiers marched in. The exhilaration of finding our soldier in a sea of camo. The overwhelming joy and tears that came with the relief of having him back in my arms. Seeing these pictures again is priceless, and you’ll have to forgive the photo dump that’s to come because I just have to share.

All images courtesy and copyright of Kindred Hearts Photography

These pictures are truly everything to me. We didn’t have a lot of professional pictures before. I’ve come to realize the value and posterity of these moments though, and that quality counts. I will treasure these photos for a lifetime because seeing my boys see their Daddy again, hugging my solider and feeling that overwhelming rush of pride isn’t something that will go away soon – or ever. Damn, I’m proud to be an Army wife to my soldier.