thankful for thanksgiving

Black Jersey Knit Swing Dress: Old Navy (here) // Blanket Scarf: Riley Grace Boutique (similar here)

Thanksgiving is upon us, yet again, and I’m loving it! I have so very much to be thankful for this year. 2017 was a hard one for the Moore family. Ryan deployed in early February, and we had to brave a 9-month separation as a family. It wasn’t an easy one by any stretch of the imagination. Danny was hit by a car six days after Ryan deployed. Both Spencer and Porter were hospitalized for severe medical issues. Household items broke, and honestly, it felt like someone was pulling the rug out from under us multiple times.

But great things happened, as well. I trained for 9 long months and completed my first marathon. Both my boys started at a fantastic daycare that they love – and where they’re learning and growing leaps and bounds every day. Ryan and I grew as a couple, learned to live separately but together (that deserves a post of its own), and embraced the challenges that life threw at us.

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I thought about posting about a tablescape, or the menu for tomorrow, or even what my boys are going to wear because, yes, I’m that mom – it’s all planned. But here’s the thing. For today and tomorrow, I just want to be thankful. I want to remember that Thanksgiving is a time to reflect upon that which we have to be grateful for, and I have so, so much.

There’s a church that I drive past every day as I take the boys to school that has a sign out front that says “Thanksgiving was never meant to be just one day.” So, as we head into a day of feasts, friends, and family, I encourage you to reflect on what you’re grateful for. Chances are you’re just as blessed, and remembering that makes all the difference.

Happy (early) Thanksgiving, sweet friends!