5 on friday: welcome december

I seriously can’t believe it’s already December! It’s officially been a whole month since Ryan got home from his deployment, and in less than a week, we’re heading out of the country. This is going to be the busiest few days here, as we’re leaving NY for NH on Tuesday, then we’re heading to Boston on Thursday to head out of the country. But, we’re hoping to accomplish a few more things here before we go, and it’s gearing up to be a good weekend! I’m linking up today with Smidge of This for 5 on Friday and Meet at the Barre for Friday Favorites.

1 // Spencer is turning 3 on Monday, December 4th! How is that even possible?! Every day I watch this little boy grow more and more mature. He’s so aware of everything around him. He’s sweet and sensitive, thoughtful and kind, silly and rambunctious. This little man gives me such great joy, and I can’t wait to share our celebrations!

2 // Speaking of Spencer’s birthday, I’m going to attempt to make cake pops this weekend for him to take to daycare on Monday. He loves cake pops, and I think it’ll be a fun and kid-friendly treat for everybody. I’m hoping to follow this site’s tips/recipe, and offer a chocolate-free version for a child in his class with an allergy. Fingers crossed it goes well?!

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3 // We are leaving for South Africa next Thursday! My mom’s family is from there, and we’ll be spending about 3 weeks enjoying their summer while winter hits home here in NY. We’re going to head to Zebula straight from the airport for several days, and we’ll be spending Christmas at Harbeespoort Resort, but I’m not sure what else we’ll do while there. Either way, I can’t wait! I took this picture during my last trip back, and I can’t wait to share it with my family!

4 // Ryan and I have his unit’s Dining Out tonight at the RiverEdge Resort in Alexandria Bay. I used Rent the Runway again, and I stepped way out of my comfort zone with my dress this time. I’m really hoping the look comes together because I’m a little bit worried it won’t! I’m doing my own hair tonight, so I’m not sure how that’s going to go, but here’s hoping it doesn’t suck?!

5 // Totally unrelated to all the things, but I’ve been feeling like the worst cat mom lately because Stella and Jasper are going to be here in NY alone while we’re in South Africa. Obviously, yes, we have a pet sitter, but I feel so bad! Danny is at least spending the month with my parents in NH. I’ve had my eye on this wall shelf for them from Meowingtons for a while now, and I keep hesitating to pull the trigger. Someone tell me that it’s worth it and that I should just do it!

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That was a seriously random assortment of Friday thoughts, but that’s clearly where my head is today. I hope you all have fantastic weekends and great plans ahead. Happy December, sweet friends!