cheers to 2018

Happy New Year, sweet friends! I can’t believe we made it to 2018, but here we are…the first morning of 2018. Ryan and I didn’t watch the ball drop. We didn’t even have any intentions to do so. We just wanted to wake up to a new year with new resolve. Both of us have off from work today, too, which is a plus. We have one more day with the boys before life kicks back into full gear, and we’re going to enjoy it.



We found out yesterday that the duty station we were hoping for isn’t going to happen. We (read: I) sulked a little bit last night, and we mourned what we hoped for, but we’re moving forward and waiting for orders from branch. I’ve always thought that things happen for a reason, and I need to stick with that. It should be a few more months until we have orders in hand, so now we’re just hoping for a good adventure.


2018 is, hopefully, also going to be a big one for us physically. Ryan and I signed up for our first DietBet of the year, and we started a 60-day ketogenic challenge. It’s run by Drew, the face behind Fit to Fat to Fit, and we’re really committed to getting our act together in all regards. Unfortunately, I fell the other night at my parent’s house, and I blew out my knee. My running is going to depend on what I actually did to my knee, and I’m hoping for an MRI this week.



The above photo is an actual representation of how 2017 went for us – and so many others. It wasn’t a bad year, but I’m glad to see it go. 2018 can only get better, and I think it’s going to be a big one for us. I’ll do a whole post dedicated to goals, but today, I want to relish in the freshness of this New Year. There is so much good ahead of us, friends!


Happy New Year to you and yours!