know your worth

photo credit and copyright to kindred hearts photography 


It’s been an interested few days here in the Moore household. On Monday, I found out from the company I’ve been with for five years that I was passed over for a significant promotion. The role I was vying for didn’t exist, and I’ve pushed towards it for the past two years. My boss informed me on Monday that the role was, indeed, created. However, it’s being given to a girl three years my junior in the company. Meaning, I trained her when she entered the business.


Now, here’s the thing. I’m actually happy for the girl. Truly, I am. She works hard, and she deserves recognition. What bugs me is that the role was created without mentioning it to the rest of us in the same position, so we never had a chance to get it. It was underhanded, sneaky, and behind-the-back. Honestly, it leaves me with my confidence shaken.


I’ve been trying to find a new job for a while now. I’ve been searching, but I’ve also been somewhat complacent, knowing I have a job in the interim, however frustrating it might be. I’m now actively searching though, and it’s a scary thought to be eight years into my career path and suddenly searching to start all over somewhere new.


Add in the fact that I’m an Army wife and require fully remote opportunities, and it’s especially daunting.


I’ve been sulking and feeling sorry for myself the last couple days. Coupled by the hanger of our current keto challenge, this has been more unbearable than it really has to be. I have options. I do. It may take a while, but I trust that I’ll find something better. But here’s the thing. When someone does something that shakes your belief in yourself, it leaves a little mark, and it’s uncomfortable. I was doing some reading last night, and one thing really stood out to me.


You are not defined by someone else’s opinion of you.


Just because the door closed for growth within a company to which I’ve remained loyal for the past five years, doesn’t mean I won’t find a better option. I’ve been dedicating a lot of time and energy to freelance work lately to boost my portfolio. I have had successful reviews from these freelance clients, and it leads me to believe and trust that I can, and I will do more.


So, rather than sitting on my butt and feeling sorry for myself another day, I’m turning this ship around. Rather than focusing on what the company has done to me, I’m working towards better options. Instead of dedicating extra time and energy to the company that won’t promote me, I’m dedicating that time to finding a company that will. I’ll get my frustration out in the gym. I’ll get stuff done around the house, and I’ll lean on my loving family for support.


Note to self – I’m going to make you so damn proud.