slush puddles & all the cuddles

We’ve been on the run since we got back from South Africa last month, and with the impending move getting closer and closer, we’re trying to dial it back a notch. Mind you, we’re still going out and doing things, but we’re also making sure we spend time at home tackling things that need to be done…like cleaning out our cars so they can both be detailed. I know. What an exciting adventure. That being said, we did manage to make time for some fun this weekend, too.

Kids’ Rocking Donkey – Target (here) // Abomoniable Snowman Jammies – Carters (here)

On Saturday morning, Ryan and I took the boys to our local Feed the Vets mission in Watertown. On the third Saturday of every month, they open the pantry and invite local veterans from all branches to pick up all the food they may need. We’ve been looking for a great service opportunity, and we want the boys to start learning about giving unto others, so we decided to go. The boys were mostly clueless, but they behaved so well, and they charmed a lot of the older veterans. It was nice to see their faces light up seeing the antics of youth. We can’t wait to go again (hopefully) next month.

On Sunday, Porter was still battling a nasty cough and seemed a little under the weather. However, the forecast was calling for 40s and sun – basically a winter thaw here in NNY – so we decided to get them out for some fresh air. We loaded everyone up and took Danny to the dog park, where all my kiddos (dog included) had the time of their lives. They got a little wet and chilly, so we didn’t stay too long, but after hibernating for so long, it was so nice to get outside.


We should have orders the first week in February (eek!), which makes things a little more real. Our new windows are being installed next month, and we have a laundry list of to-dos that need to be done before listing our house for rent. And, on Friday, we learned of another little wrench in the plan.

I know I mentioned my knee was injured before, but I didn’t really elaborate on what happened. So, right after we got back from South Africa while we were in New Hampshire, I slipped in dog pee. I know. Dog pee. My mom’s sweet pitbull rescue who’s still learning housetraining peed at the bottom of the stairs. When I stepped down, I slipped and because of the torsion, I dislocated my patella. It’s happened before – probably about 20 times throughout my life. This time though, I decided to have an MRI because I just haven’t been able to bounce back like before.

I expected a torn meniscus. I might have even expected an MPFL repair to tighten the ligament. I did not, however, expect something really intensive. I was informed on Friday that I’ll need a Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy. Basically, my patellar tendon is attached to the outside of my knee, rather than on top of it, holding it in place. And, because of how stretched my MCL is from doing it so many times before, nothing is really holding my knee in place. They’ll go in, cut a piece of bone and replace the tendon to the correct positioning. It’s a long recovery. I’ll have 6 weeks non-weightbearing, then I’ll start PT, and they expect I’ll finally be able to put assisted weight on it within about 3 months. Full recovery is estimated in 6 months – just in time to PCS.

My brother-in-law’s sister is an orthopedic surgeon, so we’re sending my films for a second consult – just in case. However, we’re crossing our fingers and just hoping we can get this done ASAP so I can get back on my feet…both literally and figuratively.

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