the moores are moving


It’s official, friends! We have orders as of yesterday. As with everything in the Army, things can always change, but we are absolutely thrilled to know where we’re going – and when!

In the spirit of honesty, my first reaction was not a happy one. It was a dreary day yesterday in northern NY, complete with rain, gray skies, and wind. Ryan texted me around 10 AM and asked, “how do you feel about this weather and rain today?” I had a gut feeling. I texted him back and said, “like we got Lewis, and we’ll have it all the time.” He called me and told me I was right, and I was initially really bummed. I’d had my heart set on the sunshine in the South. Within an hour though, I’d come around, and I was so excited.

We’re going to be so close to both Tacoma and Seattle! The amenities on post at Lewis are insane. And, though we’re planning to rent off post, I know we’re going to have a fabulous time there. Right now, he’s set to report mid-July. However, he’s slated for training en-route, so the timeline is probably closer to June. That means we need to hustle around here and get our booties in gear!

Next stop for the Moores… Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington!

Do I have any bloggy friends out there in that area? I’ve visited before and loved it, but I’d sure love to hear all your own personal experiences!