pcs woes & winter blues

Yes, that picture is an accurate representation of my face lately. We had a busy weekend up here in northern NY. We’re doing our best to tackle everything that needs to be done around the house before we list it for rent. And, because Ryan will be heading to training for 6 weeks prior to our move, we’re on an even tighter timeline. Oh, and add in the fact that my knee surgery has been scheduled for March 12th, and our timeline is even tighter. The stress here is palpable right now, and the best we can do is try to manage our expectations, conquer our to-do list, and keep our little men happy and sane through the process.

We were hit by some intense lake effect snow on Saturday, but we decided to brave it and head out to Adams to a little Amish furniture shop called Painfull Acres. One thing we’ve wanted since we arrived at Fort Drum three years ago is some proper, Amish-made furniture. We decided that, since our time here is dwindling, we should bite the bullet, so we ordered a custom-made dining table with two benches. It should be done mid-April, and I can’t wait! We spent nearly 2 hours there picking our design, our finishes, etc., and the boys had a blast with the little Amish-made marble toy while we were there. Pro tip – spend enough money and make enough racket, and the sweet owner will give you the toy for the boys to keep 😉

On Sunday, we spent the morning at Lowe’s. While Ryan was deployed, our cats successfully managed to rip a hole in the carpet on our stairs. So, we needed to go pick out new carpeting, and we wanted to pick new paint, as we’ll be having the interior of our house redone prior to our move. The boys were patient, and we got it done, but dang, this is overwhelming!

I know this post may seem like a bit of a bummer, but let’s be honest, the winter blues are hitting me hard up here right now. I always strive to be authentic, and it doesn’t get more authentic than that. The deep midwinter months at Fort Drum are cold, endless, and tiring. And, while there’s an end on the horizon for us right now, everything is also in flux. We’re trying to figure out housing – do we rent on post or off? We need to find new daycare in Washington, and we all know how fun it was to find it here. We’re trying to sort out the process of moving, itself. Ryan wants to do a DITY. I’m really not down for it, so it’s been hard all around.

Things will work out, life will fall into place, and everything will eventually resolve itself, but dang. It’s been one of those weekends over here! Add in the fact that my fruitless job search is getting me down, and I’m a basket case.

I hope you all had fantastic weekends, and I’ll do my best to be a bit more enthusiastic next time 🙂

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