simple moments stick

Happy Friday, friends! I swear this has been the longest and shortest week of my life. You know those weeks where you’re insanely busy, accomplish a lot, and feel like you get nothing done? Yep, it’s been one of those weeks around here. Remember that judgment call we made the other day about where we were going to live? We heard from housing at Fort Lewis on Wednesday that the current wait time after signing out of post is about 4-6 months. MONTHS. So, while we’d hoped to snag a house on post, we’re back to plan A, and we’re going to look for a rental off post instead. Wish us luck. Yikes.

This has been a week of little moments; little victories, little giggles, little tragedies. But it’s been one of those weeks of transition, too, as we move one step closer to our move. We’re getting things done, and we’re working to enjoy the process as we go. I’m linking up today with Momfessional for Friday Favorites and Smidge of This for Five on Friday.

1 // Daddy/Son Days. I had to work on Monday while the rest of the world (aka the Army) had a day off. Daycare was also closed, so Ryan got to spend the day with his boys. It makes my heart so happy to see my little guys having fun with their Daddy, and it makes me love Ryan even more. He took them to the mall to blow off some steam, and this picture melted my heart. Love.

2 // Change of Command. This actually happened a couple weeks ago, but it’s finally going into effect, and I’m free of my FRG duties as of today! It’s been a long time coming, and I’m thankful that this chapter is closing, and we’re going to be moving to a new place and a new unit. Change is good, friends – as scary as it may be.

3 // Getting Older. My birthday is tomorrow. 32. It’s not even a big year. I’m over 30, under 40, and kind of that young middle-age, what the heck am I kind of place. I don’t usually love my birthdays. There’s no reason really, but I’m working to enjoy it, no matter what.

4 // Adulting Victories. We did some serious adulting this past week and had our windows replaced downstairs. Now, we bought this house because we loved the light from all the windows. We didn’t think we’d have to replace eight of the nine downstairs. We did though since our house was bleeding heat, and it’s amazing. It might have cost an arm and a leg ($4,000ish), and it will be well worth it. Oh yeah, and our house is warm. Finally. Now we need to re-paint 🙁

5 // The Home Search. Looking for houses is in full swing here. No, we’re not planning to buy, but we do have some strict considerations on what we’re looking for in Washington. We need four bedrooms, we need a fenced-in yard, and we absolutely need an open floorplan. I actually don’t mind the search…it’s fun. It’s also nerve-wracking though, so here’s hoping it goes well! Oh yeah, and moving boxes are the best…just ask Porter.

These days go by so quickly, and I’m working to remain intentional about everything. It’s about enjoying the little things – the simple moments – and stop looking ahead to the future. Easier said than done though, right? Baby steps! Have a great weekend, friends!