spring is in the air

tricycle – schwinn by ll bean (available here) // toddler racoon hat – cat & jack by target (similar here)

You know it’s been a long winter when a 39-degree morning feels like springtime. It’s sunny this morning though, and the wind feels positively balmy compared to the cold temperatures we’ve been wrestling with the past few months. It was a fun weekend here with the Moore’s – a weekend that started with my 32nd birthday. It’s funny. Once you have children, your birthday isn’t so important anymore, and that’s a good thing. Nevertheless, my boys spoiled me and loved on me, and we had a great time.

Saturday was spent relaxing with my men. We went to the mall to run around for a little bit and burn off some steam because it was freezing outside, then we came home for naptime. Another sign of being an adult? It’s exciting when a property manager comes to see your home on your birthday. But truly, it was such a good experience. We’ll be renting our house when we move this summer, and she confirmed a high rent, which is great for us. She also helped us find some much-needed contractors for a few projects, which helps a ton. It was a huge relief.

After she came, my boys took me out to dinner, where my little men indulged in some super-creamy mac ‘n cheese, which they call “monkey monkey,” and they were happy as can be. We capped off the evening with some great wine and snuggles on the couch. Who can complain about a birthday like that?! Oh, Ryan spoiled me. He framed some of my absolute favorite pictures from our trip to South Africa, and I can’t wait to hang them in our new home. He also bought me a Tyme iron, which I’ve been coveting for a while. Do any of you have one? Would love to hear your thoughts!

We actually went to church on Sunday…I know, shocking. I didn’t really go while Ryan was deployed because it was too hard between Porter’s GI issues and Spencer not wanting to go to nursery. But, we went, the boys did great in nursery, and it was so wonderful to see friends and fellowship again. After naptime, it was nearly 50 degrees, so we enjoyed the sunshine outside and walked to the river!

toddler oversized pom-pom beanie – made by molly morehouse (sold out – shop here)

Spencer is getting so big for his bike. He hasn’t quite figured out the pedals, but we’re getting close, and he feels so big. Mamas, is there anything better than watching your little ones learn and grow?

There is something so special about the first touches of spring in the North Country. It’s been so dang cold this year, and getting outside, breathing fresh air, and walking as a family is one of those simple pleasures we love so much. We’re excited for all the changes coming. We can’t wait to explore our new area, visit the cities, and take the boys to experience a lot more. But, for now, these springtime vibes make my heart so happy.

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