when the flu strikes


Happy Friday, friends! We’re over halfway through February, and that’s absolutely crazy. Time is flying now that we have orders, and it seems like time can’t go fast enough – or slow down enough – for us to get everything done. We had a bout of flu in this household this week, sadly, hence my absence. On Monday, my head was a little foggy. I felt a bit like I was coming down with a nasty cold, but it wasn’t too bad. By Tuesday though, I couldn’t get out of bed.


I’m not a weakling. I can tough it out like a champ – but I literally couldn’t get out of bed. I felt like my body weighed a thousand pounds, and I was lightheaded every time I stood up. So, Ryan got the boys to daycare then took me to urgent care. I obviously have the flu. I started Tamiflu, and I’ve been getting progressively better each day, thankfully, but it’s been a rough week. So, needless to say, I’m seriously thankful for Friday! I’m linking up today with Momfessional for Friday Favorites and Smidge of This for Five on Friday.


1 // The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. I’m re-reading this novel in anticipation of the upcoming movie, and I’m as completely absorbed by it as ever. If you haven’t read it yet, you should. It’s a historical fiction novel taking place during World War II, and if you’ve yet to dabble in historical fiction, now is the time. Take my word for it!


2 // My boys. These little men have no idea how sick mama has been this week, but they keep me smiling (and pulling my hair out) all the while. Gosh, I love them and their sweet hearts. Thankfully, both of them are flu-free, and they had a blast at their respective Valentine’s Day parties in school this week.






3 // Frozen. Okay, so in my flu-induced fog, I finally watched Frozen. While my children were at daycare, mind you. I have some serious thoughts. First, yes, I thought it was a great movie. Second, why does everyone love Elsa so much? I thought Anna was a much better character, far more heroic, and one hundred percent more charming than her silver-haired counterpart. Also, where can I find a Sven of my own?


4 // This job search. Guys, job-hunting sucks. Like, it sucks a lot. I’ve had interviews with two companies the past week, both of which are for remote opportunities. I made it to the final round with the first, and I was passed over for the other candidate – found that out yesterday. I’ve made it to the second round with the other company, and I’m cautiously somewhat optimistic. It’s been pretty crappy, to be honest, because I’m really struggling with the company I work for right now, so I have to take a heavy dose of humility every single day. Cross your fingers for me, please?


5 // A surgery update. Okay, so we had another consult with my surgeon regarding my knee yesterday, and because of our timelines with Ryan’s training and our move, we decided to opt for the soft tissue surgery vs. the bone cut. So, on March 12th, yours truly will undergo an MPFL reconstruction. Good times ahead…