brunch at the st. lawrence chateau

On Sunday, we knew it was my final day before surgery, so we decided to live it up. My mom came into town Saturday because, like the saint she is, she wants to help us prepare for what’s to come. I’ll be fairly immobile for the first week (at least) due to my knee surgery today. So, yesterday, we decided to brunch it up, yet again. Can you tell we really love brunch?! This time, we went to St. Lawrence Chateau out in Clayton. It’s home to the distillery so we could smell the sweet libations once we got there. 

Brunch is served just inside the impressive stone mansion overlooking the St. Lawrence River. We were seated right by the bar (they must know us), and they were incredibly accommodating with the boys. It wasn’t too busy. We’d reserved our seats the night before, but the bartender said they only start getting very busy after April when it starts to warm up.

I started with a delicious Bloody Mary, and Ryan kicked it off with a classic mimosa. Even the coffee was divine. I expected the food to take a while, but it was extremely quick, and our waitress was super attentive. Our glasses were never less than half full. They, thankfully, had plastic cups in stock for the boys, and they were pretty entertained with their Crayola dry erase coloring boards for the most part.

After a successful WW weigh-in on Saturday, I decided to indulge yesterday. I knew this week would be a crapshoot as to whether or not I wanted to eat. So, I opted for the Salmon Benny. Delicious, my friends, with the perfect fillet of salmon cooked to order. Their servings were generous, but not overly so, and the boys did just fine with a side of scrambled eggs and bacon each. We’ve found that buying them a whole meal is a waste because they eat like birds.

Everything was scrumptious, and for what we got, the bill was extremely fair. Most of all though, we got to try another great brunch place around this area. It’s about 35-40 minutes from Fort Drum via Route 12, and I have to guess that it’s incredible in the spring and summer months. There’s an outdoor entertaining area with a pergola and lights, as well as a little walk and overlook over the river. It’s in a wooded area, too, so it must be so verdant and stunning in the hot months.

This would’ve easily made my list of top places to eat around Fort Drum, so if you’re looking for a delicious brunch, definitely try the St. Lawrence Chateau. They serve lunch, as well, Monday through Friday, in a addition to both a Saturday and Sunday brunch. But, as you know, I believe brunch is by far the best meal of the day.

Today is the day I’m going under the knife. As I write this, Ryan is getting ready to take me in for my MPFL reconstruction. Please think good vibes, friends! I’m nervous as all get out (it’s my type-A personality coming out), and the thought of being reliant on others scares the heck out of me.) Yikes! Here we go…