we’ll be seeing you


Goodbyes are the worst – even if you know they’re not for that long.


Ryan left today for six weeks of training at another stateside Army post, and I’ll be totally, truthfully honest. It sucks. I know this is the reality of Army life, and I get it. I can live with that…but explaining to our little boys why Daddy is gone again is the worst. They don’t understand. I chose this, but they didn’t, and that’s hard.


Six weeks is easy though, all things considered. It’s nothing compared to the nine months we did while Ryan was in Kuwait and Iraq last year. We’re going to stay busy, and we’re going to live by the endless countdowns that military families know all too well.


  • Tomorrow, the boys and I are leaving for New Hampshire for a few days.
  • On Monday, I’m heading somewhere solo, and though I’m not going to share why just yet, please keep your fingers crossed and send allllll the positive vibes
  • On the 22nd, the boys and I are flying to South Carolina for a week in the sun with Oma & Opa


Our time here at Fort Drum is truly limited now. We’re under two months from leaving our home here in Black River to make a new one out at Fort Lewis in Washington. Once the boys and I return from South Carolina, there’s less than a month until Ryan comes home to use, so we’re going to soak up this time, get things done, and count the days till Daddy’s return.


It never gets easier, but we do grow to accept it and appreciate our time together more than ever before. We’ll see you soon, honey.