we’re counting down

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it (at least) three or four times here before, but military families pretty much always live by countdowns. Whether it’s a countdown to a deployment, TDY, homecoming, PCS, or beyond, there’s always something. Right now, we have two countdowns going on. First and foremost, Ryan is leaving TDY this week for 6 weeks, which I’m dreading. Obviously, I dread the separation, but I dread explaining it to the boys even more. They’re so young, and they just don’t understand. We’re also counting down to our PCS to Washington, and we’re officially under two months until that…which is insane.

Add in a few extra wrenches this week like potential job interviews (!!! – I’ll let you know more when things are definite), clearing CIF for Ryan on post, locking in work stuff, and more, it’s madness in the Moore household. So, we did our best to have another low-key weekend. On Saturday, we went to the Sensory Nook in Watertown with some friends. We haven’t been in about a year, and the boys loved it as much as last time. Since winter refuses to release its icy grip – pun intended – an indoor excursion was a must.

We did lunch at Red Robin and delightfully overindulged, enjoying time with new friends and their sweet kiddos. On Sunday, we attempted to go to church. Truthfully, we succeeded, but my knee was in a ton of pain, and the boys just weren’t having it, so we decided to forgo the full occasion and left at the end of sacrament. I think the boys are picking up on our moods and our stress, which is hard, and they decided to boycott naptime, only falling asleep about 30 minutes before we woke them up.

It was a hard latter half of the day, but we’re doing our best to soak it up, hardships and all, because we’re going to be apart again all too soon. Military life is hard, folks. I’m not going to sugarcoat it. I’m nervous being left alone with the boys while still on crutches, but I know that we can do this. Heck, we managed a 9-month deployment, so this should be a cakewalk, right?

Cross your fingers for us this week though, and please keep us in your thoughts. Big things are happening, and things are moving full-speed ahead. And, if you think of it, please send some good job interview vibes my way, pretty please! I’m crossing my fingers that something big happens preeeettty darn soon!

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