20 days and counting: pcs to washington

We officially have less than three weeks until we PCS to Washington, and you want to know how much I’ve packed and prepped? Nada. Nothing. Zilch. I mean, I did some clean out for the village-wide cleanup two weeks ago, but beyond that, I’ve just been in denial. I think every single MILSPO out there can attest to the fact that it’s often a hurry-up-and-wait scenario, and right now I’m just in denial. Here’s the thing – summer is the most beautiful time of year here at Fort Drum. The trees are finally green, the birds are chirping, the skies are the most incredible Canadian blue…we survived winter, and now we have to pack it all away and move.

How We’re Dealing with Our Upcoming PCS to Washington

Don’t get me wrong – I’m excited to move. I actually like moving and seeing new places. I do not, however, enjoy the process of moving. We made a home here, and now we have to start all over again.

So, as I revel in my lovely state of denial, my mom is coming up this weekend to see Black River one last time prior to our move. We’re planning to head to Kingston again (assuming they let me cross the border with the boys without Ryan) and, hopefully, pack a few things away. We’ll see how much packing actually gets done, but I know my boys are thrilled that Oma is going to come stay a couple days again. And no, they have no idea right now…we’re surprising them!

I know I totally vaguebooked you guys the other day with my post about my passion project, and I apologize for all the cryptic talk! The truth is, I’m writing a book, and I’m excited – and nervous – to begin this project. I’ve started getting the pieces in motion, and I’m really looking forward to jumping in with both feet. So, fingers crossed this starts moving in the right direction. Also, re: blog changes. I’m transitioning my blog to WordPress in the next couple weeks. I’ve thought about it for a while now, and as I transition this to more of my happy, positive, writing space, I’m looking forward to the functionality of it, as a whole.

So, revel in this little bitty baby blog while you can, folks, because changes are coming as we PCS to Washington, and I couldn’t be more ready for them!