finding your joy

finding your joy

It’s no secret that finding your joy in the midst of chaos and disarray can be really difficult. We’re in the midst of yet another Army move (and a cross-country one at that), Ryan’s still TDY until the end of May, and I’m working, raising the boys, attempting to keep a house…you name it. Chaos. Add in the fact that I’ve been dissatisfied at my job for a while now, and I’ve been seeking new options, and there are days (read: weeks) where I just want crawl back in bed and say “nope.”

It’s not really an option though. Life keeps moving along. So does work, my two fantastic little men, my house, moving, all of it. It keeps moving, and I need to move, too. I’ve been focusing a lot on self-care and self-improvement lately, and one of the biggest things I’ve learned about being intentional is that you have to choose joy. Moreso, you have to find your joy – even in the chaos. So, today, I want to reflect on six things bringing me joy this week – even in the midst of all the chaos.

Finding My Joy: How I Do It

1 // My little men. They’re such a handful, but gosh, if they aren’t the sweetest, too. Yesterday when I got them up in the morning, Spencer was pretending to serve me ice cream. He was so proud of himself, too. How can you be frustrated with a morning greeting like that?

2 // Freelance opportunities. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m a copywriter with an emphasis on content marketing. I’ve been freelancing for a while through Upwork, but I haven’t really found my niche until this week. I’m the newest staff writer for Tasteaholics and SoNourished – two amazing keto lifestyle and news outlets. And, as you know, keto is totally my jam.

3 // Friends who get me out. It’s easy to focus on the crazy things like the fact that we have to pay $1,000 to remove three trees from the last windstorm, or that we still have a laundry list of household stuff to take care of before we move. I have sweet friends who bring me coffee pick-me-ups, take me on dinner dates even when I’m reluctant, and love on me when I’m less than loveable.

4 // Our home & soon-to-be home. We were so lucky, you guys. We’re moving clear across the country, and finding a home unseen is never easy. While I was down for the count from my knee surgery, I stumbled across a listing for a home available at the beginning of June. We spoke with the owners, and within a couple weeks, we had a house lined up. And while we’re at it, let me say that as crazy as homeownership is, our current home brings me joy, too – especially when I see spring flowers start to bloom…finally!

5 // Ryan. Honey, I know you’ll read this, so yes, you bring me joy, too. Even when I’m really mad at the Army, slightly resentful of your lazy weekend mornings, and sad that you’re not home to laugh with me, you keep me going. Love you.

If you made it through all of that, well done! I know I’ve been waxing nostalgic and sentimental lately, but I’m tired of surface-level posts. I want this place to be a real reflection of myself, my family, my brand, if you will. Bear with me, please, because changes are coming here, and I can’t wait to share.