one day in kingston, ontario

Is there anything better than grandparents coming to visit? I’d have to argue that there isn’t. My mom, my boys’ Oma, came to visit this weekend, and it was (as always) the absolute best and most refreshing time. I find that when Ryan is gone, it can be very isolating. Though I love being social and getting time with friends, there aren’t a lot of moments of adult interaction while he’s gone. This weekend was fun because we completely skipped naptime both days, took a trip to Kingston, Ontario for the last time, and I treated my mom to Bombay Duck Pickle Cafe, which I knew she’d love.

Saturday was a rainy one. Rather than spend the day indoors, I did a quick run in the morning, we walked the dogs, and we drove the hour up to Canada. It was super simple, the boys watched Paw Patrol the whole way there, and we took the chariot stroller to keep them out of the rain. We had a quick lunch of poutine at The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro on Princess Street, then we walked all around Fort Henry and the battlefield in the rain. Nestled high above the Royal Military Academy, it was beautiful to view the St. Lawrence River and let the boys run around and explore as the rain tapered off.

We also took a little time for the boys to play at The Rockinghorse toy store in Kingston. They have a Thomas the Train setup, and the boys can’t get enough of it. Since Porter’s second birthday is fast-approaching and we needed to buy some gifts anyway, we let them play. They had a blast – and 90% of this activity was free!

Mamas, truly, is there anything better than watching your kiddos venture around and explore?

Travel Tips to Canada from Fort Drum:

1 // Parents, if traveling with minor children, make sure you have their real birth certificates or their passports. If only one parent is traveling across the border, make sure you have certified copies of their birth certificates, their passports, and a signed letter of consent from the other parent. More often than not, the border guard will let you cross with the passport only, but it’s better safe than sorry.

2 // Get Travel Pass on your phone. You won’t pay roaming or data charges while in Canada, which is extra helpful when looking up directions, or searching on Yelp for great places to eat.

3 // Do not bring produce over the border, and make certain that you don’t have any firearms in your car either. You’ll need to declare both, have all measures of security on you, permits, etc. It’s more hassle than it’s worth, and you’ll have to declare and furnish all papers both on the Canadian and US sides of the border.

4 // Make sure that your license and registration are in order and on hand. They can ask for them at any time, and it’s important that you know exactly where they are – just in case.

This was my mom’s last trip here to Black River prior to our PCS (in 17 days…what?!), so we soaked up all the time we possibly could. She’ll be arriving back here on the 6th, and we leave the 7th, so big things are coming. Until then, we’re gearing up, we’re getting ready, and we’re waiting on Daddy to get his butt back home!

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