real life vs. #reallife

As we gear up for this upcoming PCS, I feel like this space is becoming more of this sort of biographical journey of our military life. I’ve thought a lot about what I put into this space and what I want it to be, and the truth is very simple. This blog is my life. It’s our life. These moments, these things – they’re real, they happen, and we live through them every single day. I never want anything posted here to be anything less than authentic, and that’s why I think it’s so important for me to be honest about life’s realities.

The truth is that this season is hard. It’s trying. I shared a little about this on my instagram, but I think it’s important to acknowledge something. As bloggers, mamas, influencers, and more, we share what we want to share. Some of it is hard-hitting and raw. Some of it is fun and fluff. Neither is wrong. In fact, both are right. However, I think that, in all things, it’s absolutely essential that what we share is authentic and real.

The reality here is that, though I love to say that we roll with every change thrown our way, this season of life is really hard right now.

We move in 15 days. We’re doing a (mostly full) DITY move, and Ryan’s not home yet. I’ve yet to pack a single thing into a box, and I’m pretty much in denial that my boys’ time at their preschool, which we love, is coming to an end. Though it’s no secret that Fort Drum is far from my favorite duty station, we’ve built a life here, and that little life is growing legs and moving across the country – again. I love a lot of things about Army life, but this season is not one of them.

The thing is, it’s okay to have crappy days, and it’s okay to not be one hundred percent okay with it.

That’s reality. That’s real, raw, honest, and true. And, frankly, I know we’re embarking on a great adventure, and under all this stress is a tangible excitement, as well. We have so many exciting things ahead, and we’re going to make this roadtrip fun. However, I think that it’s in these moments of vulnerability that we see what makes a person strong and resilient. And the bottom line is this…I want to share the good, the bad, the ugly, the hilarious, and everything in between.

Military life isn’t easy. It is, however, completely worth it.


So, all that goes to say that I appreciate you bearing with my angst and crazy streams of consciousness lately. I appreciate all your sweet comments, your uplifting advice, your patience as I vent about the fact that we’ve yet to find a renter for our house. Most of all, I appreciate your authenticity and your voices, as well. Real life is so much more relatable than #reallife.

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