spring has sprung

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I hope everyone had the best Mother’s Day weekends! Despite initially being sad about Ryan not being here for Mother’s Day (again), we had a fantastic weekend here because spring has sprung (finally). The weather was perfect, my boys were sweet, and we were busy, busy, busy. And you guys know how I feel about staying busy during a TDY or deployment! On Saturday, we went to Old McDonald’s Farm out in Sackets Harbor with one of Spencer’s old teachers. She recently changed career paths, and Spencer has really missed her, so seeing her was truly a treat. She brought her little boy, and we had the time of our lives just seeing all the animals and reconnecting.

The boys have been going here for over a year now. When we started going last year, Porter wasn’t even walking yet, so there are definitely some feelings, if you will, about this being one of our last trips before we move. That being said, we soaked it up, and we took our sweet time – even doing a hayride this time! Porter was in love with the bunnies, Spencer took his first pony ride, and we overfed the goats, as usual. Does it get better?

On Sunday, we really had no plans. I knew I needed some cleaning supplies for our impending move though, so we did a trip to Target, the boys got cake pops (their absolute favorite), and we bought a new plastic pool for the backyard. What better way to spend a sunny spring afternoon? The boys loved every second of it, and I enjoyed watching my boys soak up the sun and all the happiness that being outdoors brings – especially when spring has sprung.

When we moved here back in 2014, we picked this house, in large part, because of the huge backyard. We didn’t realize that the boys wouldn’t really be old enough to enjoy it until right before we moved again. Hindsight is 20/20, right? But seriously, they’re loving it these days. They throw sticks for Danny, they run laps, and we enjoy the serenity and privacy that it brings. You really can’t beat it.

spring has sprung

While it wasn’t a real, dedicated Mother’s Day, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Truly. I spent it with my boys, we had a fun, relaxing time, and we stayed busy – all things that mean a lot to me while Ryan is gone. We need to get down to business for our big move to Washington in the next few days, so our time to play is dwindling, and the craziness is about to hit full-force. Until it does though, you’ll find me in the backyard, playing with my boys.

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