the making of a passion project

You guys.

It’s no secret that I’ve kind of been on this sort of introspective journey of sorts for a few months now. I’ve been working hard on self-care, taking the time to build up a better self-image identity, and finding my own voice – or brand. These things are hard for anybody in all walks of life. I feel like, at 32 years old, my biggest fear remains being ordinary, and part of being an Army wife or MILSPO brings this sort of conflict of interests if you will. Ever since I found out that I was passed over for a promotion, searched for a new job to no avail, and went through knee surgery, I’ve been kind of on this tumultuous little ride that I’ve been worried I’m going to fall off at any given moment.

But here’s the thing; in the throes of yet another night of insomnia, stress, and restlessness, I felt myself being prompted to write something down. Now, some of you who’ve followed my blog (or my old book blog) for some time know that I’m a writer by trade. My singular lifelong career goal has been to write a book, but I’ve always been at a loss for what to write about.

Last night though, it was made extremely clear to me what to write, and I finally feel like I have some clarity in all of it. I feel like the Lord works in mysterious ways. He doesn’t always tell us what he’s doing or why He is doing it, but every. single. thing happens for a reason – of that I have no doubt.

I finally understand why I was passed over for a promotion and why this job hunt hasn’t been working so well. I have bigger things on my mind. I have bigger goals. The company I work for is great – truly – because they’re going to enable me to follow this passion project, and I absolutely cannot wait to share it with you sooner, hopefully, than later.

If there’s one thing I’m learning through all of this, it’s to listen and acknowledge the little things. Sometimes we don’t figure out what we’re supposed to be doing all at once. Sometimes it’s a series of little events, moments, and sparks of inspiration that all join together to send an overriding message, and with that message, you find your purpose and your meaning.

I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason, and I truly cannot wait to share more of this super exciting passion project with you going forward. To start though, get ready for some big blog changes in the coming weeks!

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