5 things we’re loving about fort lewis so far


Happy final Friday of June, friends! I seriously can’t believe we’re just days away from July. Weren’t we all seriously just praying for spring? I know I was. But here we are…the final Friday of June. It feels like ages ago that we lived in New York, and we’re finally starting to feel like Washington is our new normal. Even though we’re only renting this house for a year, we’re putting our little touches on it, and we’re making it as homey as possible for that year. Beyond that though, we’re diving into our new state wholeheartedly! Here are five things we’re absolutely loving about Fort Lewis so far.

1 // Our boys’ new school.

You guys. We seriously lucked out with this one. We started the boys somewhere else last week, but neither of us felt so good about it, so we pulled them halfway through the week and were lucky enough to snag two spots at an amazing preschool just minutes from our home. They’re loving it. It’s educational, they’re learning Spanish, they’re flexing their little brains every day, and they’re making friends. It makes my heart so happy seeing them come alive in their element! OH – and they have an app and send us pictures throughout the day…like this gem:

2 // So many outdoor activities.

You might remember I talked about Point Ruston and how the boys got to “drive” fire trucks there last weekend. Seriously, that’s just one of so many ways that people get outside here and actually do things. My boys are having a blast. They’re biking at school, they’re playing on the little playground in the backyard, they’re getting dirty – just like little boys should! Next up, we’re getting state park pass so we can hike and explore even more.

3 // S.L.A.M. Tacoma.

Okay, so I owe this entirely to Jen from Marathons & Dog Tags. I’ve been watching her Stroller Strong Moms journey for a while now, and I’ve been envious that there aren’t any affiliates where I’ve lived. But guess what?! Tacoma’s chapter opened this week, and I got my very first take on a track attack workout. Oh. My. Lord. Guys, I’m still sore. Even better? These ladies are welcoming, fierce, and so friendly. I can’t wait to get started!

4 // All the good foods.

But seriously. We were kind of limited in our foodie options at Fort Drum. Don’t get me wrong, there were some amazing choices (I’m looking at you, Bombay), but they were limited. There is no shortage of fantastic flavors and restaurants out here, and I’m Yelping my way through the area, one restaurant at a time. Better yet, I jumped back on nutritional rebalancing so I can get whole, balanced nutrition and indulge at dinner. Best decision ever. So far, our favorite is still The Daily Catch. Stay tuned though πŸ˜‰

5 // Water, water, everywhere.

This makes my swimmer heart happy like no other. There are so many bodies of water around here, and I can’t wait to dive in – literally. I’m signing up for my first open water race out here soon, and since the only one I did in New York was at Lake George, it can only get better from here! Fingers crossed we find a fun one for me to do…and soon.

Like everything in the military, PCSing is hard, but a lot of it has to do with your outlook, as well as your willingness to get out and try new things. We’re determined to venture out, immerse ourselves in this community, and learn to love our new neck of the woods. And don’t worry…I’ll obnoxiously share it all the while πŸ™‚