hiking sequalitchew creek trail

One of our biggest hopes and intentions with our move to Washington was to get outside more. We found that, living in northern New York, people had to hibernate eight months out of the year, and that didn’t lend well to being really active outdoors. However, here, it seems like people are outside all. the. time…even when it’s raining. We’ve obviously been super lucky to have great weather since we arrived here, but people are always exploring, and we decided to follow suit.

On Saturday, we’d planned to take the boys to the water since we live about a mile from the sound. On a whim, we stopped at Sequalitchew Creek Trail here in Dupont, a mere five minutes from our house (if that). We hadn’t planned to hike, but we got to the trailhead, and it was only a mile and a half, so we decided to go for it.

The hike down is a slight grade downhill, and Spencer decided it was the perfect day to run. He ran a whole mile downhill, and Porter jogged a good half mile, too, so we were pretty impressed with our little men. Because of little legs and lots of stops to look at the vegetation and stomp in puddles, it took us about 35 minutes to get down to the water, but it was well worth it – and such an easy hike. Then, when you reach the bottom, you walk through an abandoned and heavily-graffitied train tunnel, which my boys absolutely loved.

Then, you come to the rocky shore, which leads directly to the sound. The boys were in love. The rocks were filled with teeny little crabs between the rocks, which were so fun to see scuttle around, and the seaweed heavily covered the water like a blanket, but we all took the time to dip our toes in. Dang, it’s chilly! Nevertheless, it was a blast, and we enjoyed it for a while before we headed back up.

The boys were definitely more tired on the way back up, and we learned our lesson for next time. We’ll be sure to have the chariot (just in case), sneakers, water, and some snacks so we can stay a while.  However, if you’re in the JBLM or Dupont area, definitely give this little hike a go! Here’s what you need to know:

Trail Length: 1.5 miles both ways

Level of Difficulty: Easy – there is a rocky trail section though

Cost: Free

Parking: Free lot at the trail head

Tips: Bring water, sneakers & snacks for at the bottom

The best part of this hike is that you really don’t need to prep for it – case in point, we did it spontaneously. It’s just a short drive from our house, and we could walk if really wanted to, but this was the perfect first outdoor adventure here in Washington.

Do you have any hiking tips for little guys? What’s your favorite place to explore in your area?