our first weekend in washington


And just like that, our first weekend in Washington has come and gone. Crazy! We’ve been here almost a week now and we’re slowly but surely getting acquainted with our new digs, living on the West coast, the time difference on the East coast, and all the new things to discover. For me, the hardest part right now is adjusting to the time difference between my work in Boston and living in Washington. I start working at 5:30(ish) now, and I’m done at 2, which means that workouts, etc., are all after my workday. It’s insane, but I’m learning…slowly.


This past weekend was a breath of fresh air – literally. We decided when we got here that we wanted to make sure we had a healthy balance. We obviously have to set up a house, but it’s important to us to balance fun with our laundry list of to-do items around here. So, on Friday, we celebrated my momma before she headed back to New Hampshire, and we decided to head up to Ruston, WA. We bypassed the i-5 traffic, which is hellacious, and we drove the 30-40 minute backroad trip to our waterfront destination.


Point Ruston has it all! We treated my mom to fresh fish and chips at The Daily Catch (pro-tip – you have to go here if you want a budget-friendly indulgence for the whole fam!), and then the boys played like little fiends on the playground by the water. We sat waterfront on the steps, kicked ourselves for not knowing that there’s a splash pad for kids there (!!!) and, once the boys got their crazies out, we headed over to Ice Cream Social for some fresh and local treats. It was a delicious night out, and I’m so glad we got to take my mom.





Saturday and Sunday were a mix of unpacking, setting up, and spontaneous adventures. We went on impromptu hikes to the water (I’ll detail that more in another post), set up our TV and my work computer, explored JBLM, which is massive, and stocked up on groceries. Little by little, we’re making this place a home, and I know we’re going to love it, even if I do miss the East coast a good bit.


Today, the boys start their first day of their new daycare, and this momma is a mixed bag. Their new little school looks so good, and I’m sure they’ll love it, but we left a place and teachers we loved more than anything. Prayers for these little boys are so appreciated, though I’m sure they’ll rock it!


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