keeping the weekend vibe going


Ryan left this past weekend, which kind of threw the latter half of the weekend for a loop, but we did our best to have fun and get some quality time before he left. On Friday, we visited Ryan’s cousins at their new home in Olympia, and we blew the boys’ bedtime. It was well worth the quality family and couple time, the boys had so much fun playing with family, and we enjoyed soaking up our last few moments of togetherness while we good. Then, on Saturday, we visited Sequalitchew Creek again as a family on Saturday, and we had a good time soaking up the sun, catching little crabs, and just playing together. Yesterday, we had to take Ryan to the airport, so we got up bright and early, and we did it before we had too much time to think about. I swear…it never gets easier, but it’s getting normal, and I have mixed feelings about that.




Right now, I’m feeling exhausted and drained, and I’m desperate to make that weekend vibe last a little longer. I figured that might be a common thing though, so today I’m offering up my four favorite tips to keep that weekend vibe going.


// Opt for Spontaneity

As you all well know, I am a big supporter of all things spontaneous and fun. Even when the whole brood was sick, we made a point of still getting outside and doing something fun while we could. Although it’s true that most of the spontaneity in my life is contained to the weekends, one of the things that keeps it going just a little longer is including some of those spontaneous, fun activities in the work week. Go for a bike ride with your kiddos to a local ice cream shop after dinner, or better yet, ditch the planned dinner at home and find some new restaurants to add to the Yelped list. Right now, my go-to is just taking the boys to the rocky beach to search for crabs – it doesn’t get better than that!




// Get Comfortable

The worst part about Monday coming around is the need to bring back to boob jail contraptions we call bras. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love when the girls look good, but it would be nice if they could look good while also not feeling completely suffocated. One of the things I’ve done lately is search for a truly comfortable, well-fitted bra, like the ones from True & Co. that basically feel like clouds. Wearing a bra that doesn’t dig in or make me uncomfortable from the minute I put it on has made me more optimistic and much less irritable, a definite perk when spending so much time with my two little boys. It seems like such an unimportant thing but being uncomfortable is a one-way ticket to grumpy town for me. So finding a something that can keep me from hopping on that train, is key for enjoying my week – and any places we go.




// Consider Dinner

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely live by meal-planning. Taking an hour or so on the weekends to sit down and plan out our lunches and dinners for the week makes a huge difference in my stress levels Monday through Friday. There are even meal planning apps out there right now that make the whole process even quicker, which is so nice! Having meals taken care of ahead of time and not having to agonize or argue over the “what’s for dinner tonight” conversation or scour the cupboards for something I can put together is a game changer. It allows me to get the decisions out of the way and make sure I get everything stocked in my Saturday or Sunday grocery run. Once I have it all on hand, I can make my favorite keto shakes and dinners much easier.


// Get that Workout In

Okay, so I know this one is not the most fun thing for everyone but for me, it is totally necessary. For those of you who know me, you know that I love getting outside and being active in general. For the most part though, and for most people, it seems that weekends are the only time our schedules allow for time to get in a real workout. Try to find some time during your week to fit in a lunch break yoga session with a YouTube video or class at a local studio. Maybe you could join a weeknight kickball or soccer league. Even just add a block of time to your schedule dedicated strictly to the gym and go then. It’s crazy how different your energy levels and mood can be after adding a couple of workouts into your week.




I feel like life just keeps getting busier and busier, and I’m sure it’s not going to slow down anytime soon. These are just four of the ways that I keep that weekend feel going, and I find little of pockets of relaxation along the way. Are there different ways you keep your weekends going a little longer?


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