mental health day

I feel a bit like I’ve been running on empty the last couple weeks. And, since Ryan’s TDY right now, it’s exacerbated, and I’ve just been so tired. Between work, errands, making a new home, playing with my awesome new SLAM Tacoma group (thanks Jen!!!), and beyond, I have nothing left. So, I made a spur of the  moment decision today and decided to take a mental health day off work. Both my boys are off having a blast at daycare, and momma is sitting on the couch after a long, leisurely walk through the Dupont trail system with Danny.

I think any momma can attest to the fact that we like to push ourselves to the brink and beyond. It’s in our nature to do all the things and not complain. Sometimes though, it’s important to put ourselves first and really take a step back. I know I’ve spoken about self-care a lot lately, and I think it’s become more important over the past year or two – especially while Ryan was deployed – simply because I discovered you really can’t pour from an empty cup.

For those who want to serve others, be the best the wife and mother they can possibly be, it’s absolutely necessary to take time for yourself. For me, that means sitting on my butt and not tackling the chores for the day. There’s dust in the corner. There are still pictures waiting to be hung, and there’s a dishwasher that’s waiting to be unpacked. Going a mile a minute isn’t going to last forever though, and today felt like a good day to take a step back.

We have such fun plans for the weekend ahead, too, and I want to be in tip-top shape. We’re heading back to Olympia to see the cousins and spend the day at the beach. The boys (mostly Spencer, let’s be honest here) really want to go kayaking again, and I know Danny needs a good playdate, which she always has when we visit them.

Change is hard, but change is also so good – and so sweet. The past two nights, our amazing neighbors, Scott and Misuk, have come over just to spoil Danny and chat. It’s been nice having a bit of adult company and interaction, and it warms my heart to see the boys settling in and getting to know our new neighbors, too. We’re learning to really love Washington, and I can tell that so many good things are head.

But for today…today, I’ll be sitting on my butt, drinking another cup of coffee, shopping on ThredUp, and just taking some “me time.”