shades of summer

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I like to think that as Ryan leaves more and more frequently for deployments and TDYs that I’m becoming comfortable in my ability to parent solo, all while still having fun with the boys, regardless. I shared a little of my heart on instagram last week though about how I still doubt myself for a few days before we start settling into a new routine. You were all so patient and kind with your responses, and I think so many of you are right, too! That’s just motherhood. We worry…about everything. I am, however, learning to worry less and act more.


We get out more than we used to when Ryan first deployed last year – and definitely way more than Ryan’s first TDY to Korea when Spencer was still less than a year old. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, we’ve learned how to stretch our nap times, and we’ve really learned to act like a functioning little trio (for the most part, of course). And we’re getting more and more bold!



This past weekend, I decided that it was time. The boys have yet to have proper swim lessons, and I knew that we needed to get them registered as soon as possible. We drove up to the YMCA in Lakewood, and we signed the boys up – and had an hour of water fun, too. Spencer and Porter both start lessons next Saturday, and I am so excited. Spence will have two lessons – a preschooler one and a back-to-basics one – and Porter will have a momma-and-me basics lesson. Cheers to water safety!




We also decided to venture back to Tolmie State Park this past weekend. We went a couple weeks ago, and it was beautiful, so we decided to go at low tide to see if the rumors were true. They say that when the tide goes out, the sand is littered with sand dollars. And the rumors were true! We left with more than 60 sand dollars, and we rescued more than 200 and put them back in the water where they belong. Fun facts for those who might be curious…


Yes, sand dollars are alive. When they’re living, they’re actually black and covered in tiny little hairs called silia that coat the sides and underside of the creature. When they die, however, they begin to change colors, and the little hairs fall off. What’s left behind is the creature’s exoskeleton, and that’s what we all like to pick up. We made sure the ones we picked all had smooth bottoms, and I gave them all a good rinse last night. Today, I’ll embark on cleaning them…and deciding what to do with my new hoard of shells. Whoops.





We did the world’s smallest little hike, too, and went to lunch with Auntie Cheryl, Mitchell, and Carter after our adventure, and we totally blew naptime…#worthit. These boys are such troopers just rolling with mama’s every whim, and I like to think they’re the better for it. There’s so much to do and explore. Sometimes it’s good to skip naps and just get out and see the world. Also, it must be said that I just love that last picture of Spencer. He had smudges of sand and dirt on his face, a little kiss from the sun, and his freckles pepper his cute little nose now. He’s such a handsome boy, and I love watching him explore.


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