sh*t spencer says: volume 2

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You may remember a little bit ago, I did a post about the funny things Spencer’s said recently, and my family absolutely loved reading it. Sometimes it’s easy to forget these little things, so I love actually writing them down and taking the time to record them for posterity. At three and a half years old, he’s downright hilarious. He has the biggest personality, and he isn’t afraid to say what he wants – or what he thinks, for that matter.


Sometimes it’s great. Sometimes it’s a bit of a head-scratcher. Most of the time though, it’s a testament to his fabulous little personality and the fact that he’s growing more and more independent. I went to bed a couple nights ago looking at his baby pictures. I’m in awe of how fast time flies, and I don’t want to forget these little things. So, without further ado, here’s another installation of “Sh*t Spencer Says.” You’re welcome.



// At Dupont’s 4th of July block party: “I want to be a fire truck.”

I tried to correct him. I asked if he really wanted to be a fireman, but he said no. He wants to be a fire truck. Dream big, son.


// I asked him whether I’m his best friend: “Ummm…just a minute, mommy.”

The rejection is real, my friends. It still stings.


// His new exclamation about all the things: “What the gosh?!”

This one cracks me up every single time. He taps his chin like he’s deep in thought, and he says it with such a smile. It kills me. I have no idea where he got this.


// While on the swings: “I’m swinging you like a dinosaur, Porty.”

There was a real double-take from yours truly here. I asked him what he meant, but he’d already moved on. I guess dinosaurs swing?


// Driving through a construction zone: “Gross! The outside farted!”

In his defense, it did smell awful. His logic is sound.


// Talking about going crabbing: “I want to go pinch the crabs!”

I’m not entirely sure that’s how it works, but I don’t have the heart to tell him that.


// I asked if he needed me to kiss his booboo: “No mommy. That’s gwoss. I need a band-aid.”

This was hilarious and sad. When did my kisses stop being the magic cure?!


I hope all mothers experience the joy of one-liners like these because they are literally the best. Please sure your silliest, too, because they kill me every time!