whirlwind weekend

Happy Monday, friends! I feel more prepared taking on this work week after the much-need mental health day I took Friday. Days like these are just needed sometimes, don’t you think? This past weekend though, I embraced that “staying busy while they’re gone” mentality to the fullest, so I’m not so sure it was the most relaxing weekend ever. I knew that Saturday would be busy, busy, busy from the start, but I hadn’t had plans for Sunday until midday Saturday, and I decided to roll with it!

Saturday morning, the boys and I got all ready and headed over to our local Wear Blue, Run to Remember group here in DuPont again. I was a bit nervous how this would go because we also took Danny. Usually Ryan will take the stroller and I’ll take Danny, or vice-versa. We never do both at the same time. I couldn’t justify leaving Danny at home though, so I decided to give it a go. Worth it! We did really well, and I leveled up my mom game pushing a double stroller with two boys in it, plus had Danny the whole time, as well.

As a quick aside – and totally not sponsored at all, mind you – we invested in a waist leash for Danny by TuffMutt. It’s reflective, adjustable, and super convenient because Danny ran to the side to avoid the stroller, and she can’t pull me off balance anymore. We bought ours here on Amazon. Do it. You can thank me later 😉

After a successful morning 5k, the boys (and Danny) and I loaded up the car and headed out to Olympia to see our “cousins” again where we planned to kayak and spend the day. Guys, my boys are so spoiled there with family, and they love it so much. We got there around noon, right as high tide was finishing coming in, and after Spencer helped water their new flowers (too cute), we headed out for a long kayak – about 2.5 hours towards Boston Harbor. Porter rode with me on a single, while Spencer rode with Cheryl in the double. Porter couldn’t hack it and fell asleep on the way back, thank goodness, giving the boy a little nap.

We also headed over to Boston Harbor which, yes, is in Washington. It’s a tiny little waterfront town nearby with the cutest little pier area, dog-friendly beach, and ice cream shop/general store. Spencer was totally slap-happy from no nap by the time we got there, but it was one hundred percent worth it. We each indulged a little in soft-serve ice cream, fresh sea salt caramels, and splashing around in the water before Spencer decided to wade a little too deep.

On Saturday, we ended up blowing both nap time and bedtime, and while the results were less than desirable, it was totally worth it. We got home around 10:30 PM, and the boys slept till almost 8, which never happens. We played it a little more low-key on Sunday morning with a quick trip to Target, nap time, and then headed to our friends’ down the street for a barbecue later in the day.

Busy is best when your significant other is away, and we embraced that this past weekend. Weekends like this aren’t always the easiest either because you’re constantly moving, but I’m so glad we did it. The boys needed to see family and friends, I needed some more adult conversation, and it was the best way to wrap up our first week with Ryan gone again.

I’m linking up today with B Loved Boston for Weekending.