favorite morning sickness remedies

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my plea for help a couple nights ago on my stories. I’ve been struggling with crippling nausea this first trimester, and though I definitely experienced nausea and fatigue with the boys, this was lightyears beyond that. Yesterday, I barely made it out of bed to get to the bathroom and, since Ryan hasn’t been home, I’ve been without my partner in this. Needless to say, single parenting whilst struggling with morning sickness has been a bear. A sweet friend of mine brought over a cup of ice for me yesterday, as well as plain saltines, plain applesauce, and ginger tea for when I could finally stomach something, and I’ve never been more grateful.

I wanted to share some of the remedies the amazing lovelies of Instagram shared with me, in the hopes that they might help other mamas out there, as well. Some of them, I’m utilizing myself, as well. Remember, these are morning sickness remedies – tried and true – from mothers out there just like us.

// Ginger candy + dried fruit

// Hot baths + candles with light scents

// Seltzer with lime (lots of lime)

// Black licorice

// Sea sickness bands – the acupressure ones

// Protein pacing, consistent small meals, kombucha and probiotics

// Ginger & lemon tea

// Vitamin B6 and Unisom

// Sour things – lemons, sour patch kids, lemonade

// Toast with marmite, or just plain toast

// Carbs, carbs, carbs

// Zofran or Diclegis – you’ll need a prescription for these

I called my OB yesterday, and she told me if I couldn’t stomach anything or keep anything down in the next 24 hours, I’d have to go in for fluids since it sounds like hyperemisis. However, by some stroke of luck, I’ve kept the few saltines I ate yesterday down for the past 10 hours now (go me!) I also bought the sea sickness bands, and I’m listening to my body more.

This baby doesn’t want coffee, and if you know me, I’m 60% coffee, at least. I decided to quit trying to force my one cup of coffee a day, and I replaced my mug of joe with a cup of lemon and ginger tea. Thus far, baby doesn’t seem to mind, and that makes me a happy mama.

Right now, I’m working to remind myself, as one sweet insta-friend mentioned yesterday, that morning sickness is a good thing. It means that my body is working to support this little life and keep things going. This gross sickness means that baby is working, thriving, and growing, and that’s the end goal, obviously. While I forgot how awful morning sickness can be, I’m so grateful for sweet friends, a support system, and wonderful doctors who are willing to take this frantic mama’s calls in between bouts of sickness.

In the end, the goal is to end up with a healthy baby, and I sometimes forget that in the throes of feeling gross. We have two beautiful boys though, and I’m thrilled to be adding that final little piece to our puzzle soon. The end result always justifies the first trimester misery, am I right? I’ll get back to my regularly-scheduled programming after today, but I really wanted to share these suggestions in the hopes they might help others, as well!

Tell me, friends. Did you experience morning sickness during any of your pregnancies? What helped?