currently // the midweek edition

all images courtesy of lynsey strader photography

We’ve had such a glorious taste of fall lately, and it’s been so refreshing out here after a hot, hot summer. It was so nice, in fact, that we even managed to snag cool weather and sunlight for our family photos with the incredible Lynsey Strader from Lysney Strader Photography on Monday evening. I’ve been wanting new family photos for a while now, and since we have an impending deployment, a new baby on the way, and chaos coming from all directions, we figured now was a good time to snag our photos for Christmas cards and wall decor.

She’s graciously sent me a couple of the sneak peek images so far, and I’m in love. Seriously, if you’re in the PNW, and you’re looking for a local JBLM photographer, Lynsey should be your go-to. She does candid photography in natural light, much like our beloved Julie from New York, so I knew she’d be a shoe-in. I digress though. Today, I’m sharing some of those sneak peeks and doing another edition of “currently” because I love reading these. So, currently, we’re…

Loving // The fall temps and random rain showers out here. I know they’ll become more frequent as fall/winter progresses, but we had no rain this summer at all, and there’s nothing nicer than a rainy morning and puddle-jumping.

Watching // We just binge-watched The Innocents on Netflix, and we loved it. If you’re a sci-fi fan and looking for something original, definitely try this. Right now, we’re enjoying Extraordinary Homes because those shows never get old.

Reading // Champion by Marie Lu. I started this series so long ago, and I’m finally getting around to finishing it – and loving it! There’s something about YA that always speaks to me.

Hoping // That, by some miracle, Ryan’s deployment is canceled. I don’t want to do another one, and I certainly don’t want to give birth alone!

Savoring // Fall flavors and time with my boys! With a new baby on the way, I know things will only get crazier and more chaotic as time progresses. I love playing with them, even when they make me absolutely crazy.

Drinking // HA. I wish I could say a good hard cider. Instead, I’m going be lame and say a lot of ice water, and I’m a big fan of Coke lately, which is funny because I usually hate soda.

Attempting // To make it through each day without taking a nap! It’s been hard because by 2 PM every day, my body’s like “nope”…I can’t wait for the magical second trimester to kick in!

Feeling // Excited! We’ve made a tentative appointment to find out the baby’s gender next week. You may remember that I said we weren’t going to find out. However, with Ryan’s deployment coming and life being as crazy as it is, we decided we’re going to do it after all. I haven’t decided if we’re going to publicly share, but we’re excited and hopeful that baby cooperates next week!

Planning // Again, since we have a deployment looming overhead, we’ve had to (sadly) scratch our South Africa plans. However, we’re actually excited to “plan” a quick Space-A jaunt to an exciting destination before Christmas this year. Hopefully, if all pans out, we’ll have some incredible experiences to share before the year is out!

Cheers to hump-day friends, and I hope things are currently going great for you, as well!