the five most recommended products for baby three

Happy hump day, friends! I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday because this week has been b u s y. Seriously. We’ve been nonstop all week, and I swear we’ve packed a full week of activities, events, news, and more into just two days. But it’s been a good week, and I’m thrilled to say we got to see our new peanut yesterday on ultrasound. I’ve had to have a few extra ultrasounds due to a weird internal issue (baby’s fine), but yes, it was fun to see this bean wiggling away!

jeans: motherhood maternity (available here) // cardigan: a new day (available here) // peplum top:  pinkblush (available here) // shoes: aldo (out of stock)

So, this pregnancy has been crazy different all around. One, I’ve been insanely busy with the boys, work, and Ryan’s consistently varied schedules. Two, I’ve been crazy sick from about 4 weeks on because, yes, we found out very early. And three, I feel like we’re starting all over again. We had the boys back-to-back just 18 months apart, so everything from Spencer – knowledge included – carried over to Porter. Now, enough time has passed that there are a million new products on the market, and nothing has survived two little boys. I posted a poll on my instagram stories a couple weeks ago asking mommas for their must-have products in the past year/year to come. Some of the answers surprised me, and some didn’t. Some we’ve used, some we haven’t, but I thought I’d share what everyone thought. Ranked in order by the number of recommendations, here we go:

1 // Dock-A-Tot

I’ve seen people professing their love for the Dock-a-Tot for ages now. Honestly, I’m not sure I one hundred percent understand the hype, but 15 people recommended it, so it must be a necessary addition. Also, it should be noted that people either recommended this one or the Snuggle Me Organic, so I’m up in the air as to which one we should get. Thoughts?

2 // 4moms mamaRoo

The 4moms mamaRoo was highly recommended, but we won’t be getting it. We actually had this for Porter, and he hated it. It was a lot of money for something that we barely ever used and, frankly, we’ve preferred traditional swings from the start. Both boys also loved their Rock ‘n Plays, so we’ll definitely be getting a new one (or two) of those.

3 // NoseFrida

Yes! Can I get an amen for the NoseFrida, please?! We had this with both our boys, and even though the concept is disgusting, this is a miracle worker. We’ll take 100 of them! Also, their Windi product is ridiculous(ly) awesome…just saying.

4 // Owlet Baby Monitor

So, here’s the thing. Both our boys slept by our bed for the first 4+(ish) months of their lives. While I think the concept of the Owlet Baby Monitor is awesome, I also worry it will make me more paranoid. I’d be interested to hear a little more about why people love this and what makes it an absolute must-have.

5 // Binxy Baby 

A shopping cart sling for baby?! What?! Yes, please. I think that the Binxy Baby will be fantastic for those solo grocery outings with the bean as it gets a little bit bigger. Also, they’re super cute. I’ve been big on baby-wearing since Ryan deployed and I wore Porter all the time, but I think this will be a fantastic alternative.

Those were the five most recommended products! Interesting, right? Close runners up were Fever Bugz – a stick on thermometer, Tula baby wrap (which we have and loveGraco 4Ever 4-in-1 Car Seat), and the , of which we already have two for the boys 🙂

It’s funny to think about doing this all over again, but we’re thrilled to be adding our third and final little bean to our family. We love our boys so much, and adding a third baby has always been on our hearts. Cheers to (hopefully) feeling better soon!