friday favorites // all the good news

porter’s vest: old navy (similar here) // spencer’s vest: osh kosh (available here)

TGIF. But seriously. Thank freaking goodness it’s Friday again – right? This has been one heck of a week for the Moores in so many ways, and I’m so thrilled to be heading into another weekend with my men. We had some good news, some great news, and some mehhh news this week, but all around, it’s been a really monumental week for us. It may still not feel like fall out here (like, seriously, it’s going to be almost 80 here tomorrow), but we’re feeling fall(ish), and we’re making the best of it. On the docket for the weekend? Apple picking. I think I’ve finally found a place that has u-pick apples, and I’m excited to go there with my boys.

Also, all the fun fall activities out here are starting to happen in the next couple weeks! There’s a cider squeeze next week that we’re definitely attending, and I’m pretty sure there’s a huge fall farm that opens with cider donuts (remember, my search continues) this weekend. Also, there’s a bunch of Halloween fun happening soon, and from what we hear, DuPont is Halloween mecca out here, so bring it on. But first, we’re rounding up all the good news and crazies from the week.

// We got to see baby on ultrasound on Tuesday! If you missed it on my Instagram, I shared the bean’s picture, as well as the fact that we found out the gender, but we’re not sharing publicly. We’d originally planned to wait, but since Ryan’s set to deploy in January and will likely miss the birth, we wanted to have this together. Needless to say, we’re thrilled. And yes, if you ask me privately, I will share!

// Our amazing photographer, Lynsey Strader, has been slowly sharing some of her incredible shots from our family shoot a couple weeks ago, and I’m swooning. I will treasure these pictures of my boys forever! Also, seriously. She captured the sun perfectly. If you’re looking for a JBLM area photographer, you need to find her.

// You may remember that I’ve been pretty bummed about my job situation for nearly a year now since being passed over for a promotion. Well, a few weeks ago, I was approached by the VP of the villas side of our company with an opportunity to potentially transition from the cruise side of our business to the luxury villas side. I found out on Tuesday that I got the position, accepted it, and it’s official that I’ll be transitioning to villas in mid-November! I’ll still be working from home, and I’ll still be working for the same company, but I’ll be the sole writer in that division, and there will be a lot more creativity.

// When the good news rolls, it really rolls. Whilst waiting to hear about the villas position, I was invited to interview for a state government job I applied for out here, as well. I interviewed last Friday and had a good vibe, but I also knew there would be some big sacrifices. There’d be longer hours, a bit of a commute, and less time at home with my babies. I found out last night I got that job, too, but I’m thankful I already accepted the villas position. While this would have been more money, I think the trade off wasn’t really worth it.

// Family time has been plentiful, and I’m grateful. Ryan’s course was kicking his butt, but it’s done now, and he’s been home to have dinner and play with his boys in the evening the past few days, and it’s been perfection. We’re going to miss him so much when he deploys again, but we’re so grateful for the time that we do have together.

It’s been one of those weeks, friends. Busy, busy, busy, but I’m so happy to have all the good news to share this week. I hope your weeks have been equally abundant in joy and good things and that you have a fantastic weekend ahead of you!