friday favorites – cheers to the little things

Is it just me, or did this week absolutely fly by? Maybe it’s the fact that we’ve been going nonstop around here, or maybe it’s the fact that everybody is busy these days since school is in session, but I feel like time is just flying. Ryan started his course this week, so it’s been great to have him back home – even if the course is, as he says, kicking his butt. The boys are doing great in their school and have been for a while, and work is going steadily. No complaints here. This week, though busy, has been great, too, since we finally had the family back together again, and it’s refreshing.

Family pictures…only slightly postponed

I mentioned earlier this week that we were supposed to have family pictures this evening. Well, we’re learning that we really do live in the PNW, and it’s been raining every day for the past five days, on and off. I’m not complaining. However, our amazing photographer suggested we postpone until Monday to (hopefully) capture some sunlight while it lingers. That gives me the whole weekend to get outfits ready because I’ve been slacking a lot…mainly because my pregnant butt doesn’t know what to wear. Here’s hoping she catches something even half as good as this gem, courtesy of Kindred Hearts Photography.

Brotherly love

These little boys never cease to amaze me. They can be so sweet with one another, and then they can fight like cats and dogs. Sometimes, they even manage to switch from one to the other at the drop of a hat. They keep me busy, but then they can be so silly. Like last night, for example, we bathe the boys together, and Spencer absolutely loved Porter pouring water on his back. That’s the face of contentment, ladies and gents.

Toddler art

This is a call for help. Mamas, how do you display your kiddos’ artwork? My boys produce a lot of art at school, and they really want to show some of these pieces off at home. There’s not a ton of room on the fridge though, and I’m looking for fun ways to show it off. Any thoughts or ideas? I mean, I really need to keep Spencer’s self-portrait front and center for all time.

Things that make me laugh online

I was reading about Hurricane Florence the other day, and I stumbled across an update from the National Hurricane Updates Facebook page, and I died. The comment section is just gold, and obviously, my perverted mind couldn’t handle it. I screenshot this picture and sent it to everyone I thought might laugh half as hard as I did.

Fun fall activities planned

We’re thinking that we might head out to do our first apple-picking jaunt of the season tomorrow or Sunday, and I’m so excited! The boys and I had so much fun picking apples in New York last year, and we really miss our favorite, Burrville Cider Mill, and they’re insane cider donuts. This weekend begins my quest for the ultimate cider donut in the PNW. Lord, give me strength. Nothing will ever quite measure up to those back East!

I love summer as much as the next person, and I’ve really enjoyed our first summer here in Washington State, but I’m really excited for fall and winter. So, cheers to the weekend, friends! I hope it’s a fun one for all!